How to get to Yalta?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
January 24, 2015
How to get to Yalta?

Yalta is one of the most popular cities in the southern part of Crimea. Every year, thousands of tourists come here from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The stunning natural landscape, the sun, the sea and the unique climate made the city a real tourist Mecca.

For many who have decided to spend their holidays in this city, the question arises how to get to Yalta, because the city does not have its own airport or railway station.

By plane

The nearest airport of Yalta with the same name is in the city of Simferopol. Airplanes from Belgorod, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Moscow, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Samara and Tyumen regularly fly to the airport.

The distance from Simferopol to Yalta is 81 km.

From the airport of Simferopol

The trolleybus from the airport of Simferopol to Yalta leaves at 5:35, 6:29, 7:23, 8:17, 9:11, 10:05, 10:59, 11:53, 12:47, 13:41, 14: 35, 15:29, 16:23, 17:44, 19:44.

You can get to Yalta from Simferopol by bus or trolleybus, departing from the railway station. Buses run daily from 04:45 to 20:00. Travel time: 1.5-2 hours.

You can also use the services of taxis that depart from the area of ​​the railway station every 20 minutes.

The fare to Yalta from Simferopol as of summer 2014:

  • Trolleybus from the railway station - 58 rubles;
  • Trolleybus from the airport - 63 rubles;
  • Bus from the railway station - 97.68 rubles;
  • Taxi from the railway station - from 1000 rubles.

By train

As we have already mentioned, the railway station in Yalta is also not. To get to the Crimea by train, there are two options:

  1. By train No. 62/562 GP Moscow - Simferopol through Russia with a ferry on the ferry, which departs from Kazansky railway station at 19:50 and resides in Simferopol at 16:50 (travel time 1 d. 20 h.);
  2. By train No. 17/18, No. 39/40, No. 67/68 Moscow - Simferopol or No. 97/98 Moscow - Feodosiya - Kerch through the territory of Ukraine.

Another option is to purchase a single ticket, which is transferred by bus from the railway stations of Krasnodar and Anapa to the port "Kavkaz", then on the ferry you are sent to the port "Crimea" in Kerch, and from there you take a bus to Yalta Feodosia and Simferopol.