How to get rid of Wen folk remedies

In order to get rid of Wen, try to use masks. Take sour cream and mix it with salt and chalk in equal proportions. Apply a mask to the place of occurrence.wenand hold for twenty minutes. Then rinse with moderately warm water. Procedures must be continued until the benign tumor disappears, every other day. It is advisable to take a hot bath or steam bath in the Russian bath before the procedure. Crush the fruit of laconosa to a homogeneous slurry and apply them to problem areas. Wen will open in about a month.
For removingwenapply compresses.
Take a dark colored laundry soap and wipe it through a fine grater. Medium sized bake in a well-heated oven. Chop the prepared onion and mix it with the prepared soap. Apply the mixture on a cotton swab and apply toWentwo or three times during the day. Store the mixture in a dark and cold place. If you have a golden mustache plant, mash its leaf and attach it toWen. Cover with foil and cover with cotton cloth. Secure this pack and change it once every twelve hours. The course of treatment will be about two weeks.
Buy a package of shiitake mushrooms and prepare a tincture of these mushrooms, filling them with vodka. Insist on for eight days. Strain and take one tablespoon per day.
Take the root of the freezer and chop it to a state of a homogeneous powder. The resulting powder is filled with an equal amount of warm boiled water. After twelve hours, drink the resulting infusion. Use once per day.
Mix grated garlic and lard in equal quantities. The resulting ointment process your wen several times during the day. You can also use garlic juice to make an ointment.