How to get rid of the girl?

When the relationship comes to a standstill, and there is a feeling that it’s time to part, the young man may slip the idea that he wants to say goodbye to his girlfriend forever. But in order to part, it is not enough to say: “I want to leave the girl,” you need to take more decisive actions. Then the problem is that only you understand that it’s time for you to part, and your girlfriend thinks otherwise. What to do in this situation? How to part with a girl? It is best to do this carefully, trying not to inflict a deep trauma on the vulnerable female psyche. Learn how to make parting less painful. If you have definitely decided to take this crucial step, you must immediately inform your girlfriend about it. There is nothing better than a frank conversation, with which you can put all the dots above "and." It may turn out that the girl also thought about ending your relationship, but because of her modesty or fear of hurting you, she didn’t do anything.Adhere to the following action plan for preparing and conducting a conversation.

Analyze the situation

Think well, are you sure that you really want to part with your girlfriend. Perhaps this desire arose suddenly and was dictated by anger, jealousy, or a desire to avenge some act? In the event that you are convinced that your intentions are serious, try to answer yourself what specifically does not suit you in a relationship, whether it is possible that the girl, having changed her behavior or any decision, will again be able to gain your favor. Thanks to the received arguments you can answer the numerous questions of the girl. Making a list of reasons, you should pay attention to their wording. In no case can one say this: I am abandoning you because you are not smart enough, beautiful, you are not able to cook, etc. Remember that a girl should not have the feeling that she is to blame for your break. Therefore, it is best to build a phrase so that it is clear that the reason lies in you, not in it.

Difficult conversation

If you are thinking about how to get rid of a girl, then know that you cannot do without a difficult conversation. At the beginning of the conversation you will need to inform her about your decision, and then bring all the prepared arguments. Do not skimp on the praise. Be sure to tell the girl that you regret that it happened, thank her for all the good moments. Refrain from accusations, screams and scandal. It is not necessary to express all the negative that has accumulated in you and leave with an unpleasant residue in the shower. Remember that you may want to return to her. And having uttered mucks, it will be almost impossible to do this. Prepare for a violent reaction. It is possible that you will see and tears, and hysterics, and prayers. However, one must be adamant. Do not leave the girl a single chance and hope to think that you can be together again, that she will manage to get you back. So it will be much easier for her to recover and start a new relationship. Do not respond to her SMS and do not send them yourself, ignore calls, messages in social networks. Do not enter and female manipulation, the threat of suicide. And most importantly, if you want to do what real men do, then you will not start a new relationship without completing the old ones.Sometimes a man does not find the strength to have a serious conversation with a girl and thinks about how to make the girl give up herself, so that it looks only as her decision? It is not at all difficult to do. It is enough to clearly demonstrate her own worst sides, to start drinking alcohol, not to appear at home, to go to rest with friends without her, to flirt with other girls, not to take into account her opinion, not to show interest in her, to change. Becoming an anti-hero for a girl is not difficult at all, it's hard not to get into the role of a scoundrel for real and not to inflict a severe wound in a girl's heart that loves you. Be grateful to her for all the good that you had. Be thankful for the love she continues to have for you. Do not hurt her and do not torment a person in vain, but rather gather courage and talk to her.

Now you know how to get rid of a girl to cause her a minimum of pain and suffering.