How to get rid of acne in a day?

One sudden pimple on the face can ruin the whole mood and the whole important day. This problem area of ​​the skin breaks confidence in both girls and young people! So that acne on the face does not spoil our lives, let's figure out how to get rid of pimple in a day.

Why you can not push acne

Pimple is a reflection of inflammation of the sebaceous gland duct. Any doctor will tell you that squeezing acne to get rid of them in a day is a bad idea that can only aggravate the situation. Squeezing a pimple, you act on it mechanically, which leads to a rupture of the sebaceous gland. As a result, the infection penetrates the skin, and soon the face will be covered with a dozen of such harmful acne.

Despite all this, many are engaged in squeezing acne. Only in some it ends in success, while in others it is a dismal result. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Some types of acne squeeze out is not something that is not recommended, but in general is strictly prohibited! These include unripe specimens.Gently press on the area around the pimple: if you feel pain, then this pimple is not ripe. Squeezing it, you can not get rid of acne completely, as well as 100% will carry the infection.
  • If the acne is painless, thoroughly rumple the face, which means open the pores of the skin.
  • Prepare alcohol, cotton pad, magnifying mirror and lamp. Wash and clean hands thoroughly.
  • Wipe the acne with alcohol. So, you will minimize the risk of infection, but nothing can be guaranteed.
  • In the process of extrusion can not affect the pimple core. Step back a little and push the pus out.
  • Try to squeeze the pimple in 1 reception in order not to injure the wound again. Pain and blood do not allow! At the end, treat everything with alcohol, hold a cotton pad with alcohol on the wound. Get rid of acne for a day, someone gets it that way. If everything went well, then the next day, swelling and redness will subside.

How to get rid of acne at home in a day

The complex changes that occur in the skin, quickly affect very difficult. Just imagine, one pimple is formed over a long time, and therefore he can not leave for 1 day. It is rather a utopia.But we still consider the reviews of people about what means they helped in getting rid of acne in a day ...

  • So-called "wet" acne should be dried lotions with salicylic acid. But in any case, do not rub them all over their face.
  • Antibacterial drugs for external use. Such antibiotics include well-known drugs from the pharmacy that are sold without a doctor's prescription: Zenerit and Dalacin. And the most common antiseptic is Baziron AC (5% benzoyl peroxide) gel, OXY 5 or OXY 10 gel.
  • The drug azelaic acid - Skinoren gel or cream prevents clogging of the sebaceous glands and has antibacterial properties.
  • For retinoids is the cream or gel Differin. But it is recommended to use it only after consulting a dermatologist.