How to get on the housing queue?

Although by law every person in a country is entitled to certain benefits and assistance from the state, most of us are accustomed to counting on our own strength in life. Meanwhile, constitutionally, every citizen of the country is guaranteed the right to housing, and, to the poor and other categories of citizens in need of housing, state and municipal bodies are obliged to assist in obtaining free preferential housing.

Under this, money is allocated from the federal and local budgets, residential houses are built, in which apartments are distributed in turn. In this article we will describe how to get on the housing queue, who has the right to do so, what documents will be needed for this and how long it will take.

Groups of persons and the list of documents

First, let's see who has the right to receive such benefits:

  1. Citizens who have close relatives or they themselves are not the owners or tenants of any housing.
  2. Families in which the size of the living space for each family member is less than the statutory rate.
  3. Those who live in unsuitable and life-threatening rooms or in homes that lack power, running water, a stove or hot water.
  4. Those families who live on the same living space with a chronically ill serious illness, mainly associated with mental or emotional disorder, have the right to claim a separate living space.

Placing on the housing queue is carried out in the presence of the following documents and references:

  1. The statement, which was signed by all capable members of the family living in the same living space.
  2. Documents confirming the existence of kinship between these people.
  3. Documents confirming your right to receive housing: an extract from the house book, reflecting the number of people living in the apartment; extract from the technical passport to the building; certificate of the absence of any family member of any other real estate in another city or region, as well as the absence of other benefits to receive living space.

All documents are provided in copies certified by the receiving person in the presence of the original.

After you submit the entire package of documents to the competent local government at your place of residence, you are required to verify the authenticity of the documents provided and the fact that you really need a new living space for ten days. Over the next 5 days, the public housing commission will decide on your question, within 3 days the head of the district council and, finally, if the decision is made in your favor, the corresponding issue will be prepared for you within one day. notice.

At the same time, how many years you can wait for the living space itself is not regulated anywhere: housing construction for beneficiaries in different regions is conducted at different rates, and the number of people who want to get housing is only growing.

What difficulties can you encounter when submitting documents?

Carefully read the paragraph about the absence of a different living space for you or your family members. In order to get an apartment for free, it is necessary that none of your family members have any legal grounds to own another living space, be it property, social hiring, or any other legal rights to use a living space.

Also note that if your adult offsprings live with you, they will be considered a separate family only if they have their own official earnings and if it is proved that they are a separate household and do not consider themselves to be members of your family. .

For whom is it possible to register without a queue?

  • Orphans and children left without parental care.
  • Citizens affected by natural disasters.
  • Disabled after the Chernobyl explosion.
  • Disabled BOB 1 group.
  • Single mothers and some other categories of citizens.