How to get brown?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 12, 2012
How to get brown?

Our life is full of bright colors. With a certain color, we associate people, events, memories. Brown is very popular today. Its use has spread from the interior and clothing to hair coloring. Such popularity is justified, because brown is the color of well-being, wealth, luxury and stability.

How to get brown paint

In order to learn how to get a brown paint color at home, we offer several ways to mix colors:

Classic brown:

  • mix red and green dye;
  • mix in equal proportions red, blue, yellow;
  • mix orange with gray or blue;
  • combine yellow and purple colors.

Shades of brown:

  • in a yellow, orange, red paint, add a drop of black paint to obtain the desired shade;
  • for a lighter shade, add a little white in the mixture obtained by the above method;
  • a little black or white can be attached to red, blue and yellow, depending on the desired shade - dark and lighter;
  • The previous version can be mixed in different proportions - more yellow is needed, if you want to get an ocher color as a result, the advantage of blue will give brown color depth and contrast, the predominance of red will result in a shade of warm tint with a touch of rust.

How to get brown hair color

When dyeing hair, especially at home, it is very important to know how to get brown hair. Change hair color in three ways:

  • the use of tint and unstable natural paints (henna, basma);
  • toning;
  • paint resistant paints.

The result will depend on your original hair color: the lighter the hair, the more color will match the selected tone in the end. When buying coloring tools, pay attention to the quality and try to find a good master.