How to fuck the former?

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
September 18, 2014
How to fuck the former?

In most cases, after parting, feelings remain that re-flare up at the meeting. This is especially acutely felt when only recently they stopped the relationship and did not have time to find a new partner. If you do not have enough sex or feeling you are pulling the soul, then the men have a question about how to separate the former for sex.

Tips how to fuck the former

Sex with an ex-girlfriend is very bright and unforgettable, like a flash of an extinct bonfire. Often the girls themselves are not averse to sleeping with a former partner, then you just make an appointment and remember past relationships, achieving your goal. But it happens when the separation is the fault of the young man, and the girl can not forgive him. In this case, you can apply some tricks that will lead to the goal.

  1. Give a sincere apology about parting, show your feelings, do not hesitate to plead wrong in what happened.
  2. Make more compliments, you need to constantly tell your ex-girlfriend that she is the most beautiful and she is the best thing in your life.
  3. Pay attention to the former girlfriend. Try to make more calls, write messages in social networks and SMS.
  4. Be romantic, make unexpected surprises and gifts for which there was no time when you were in a relationship.
  5. Try to find a way to meet, very well, if there will be some important event, for example, a birthday or the day of your first acquaintance, which you were going to celebrate together if you did not break up.
  6. During the meeting, be gentle and courteous, or, conversely, very passionate, depending on the mood of your former partner.

In this way, you can persuade your ex-girlfriend to have sex, but try to maintain friendly relations, and not break all ties after what happened.