How to flirt correctly?

Flirting is a kind of game between a man and a woman. She just needed to ensure that the relationship did not become boring and uninteresting. To make this game a success, you need to know how to flirt. There are some unspoken rules that are recommended to follow when flirting.

The art of flirting is not in seduction by physical data, but in submission by the mind, words and gestures. Owning a technique to perfection, appearance ceases to play an important role.

Rules for successful flirting

  1. Appearance. Even without a doll face and perfect figure in the arsenal, you can achieve the desired result. Pay maximum attention to your appearance. Hair should be clean and well-groomed, clothes should be neat and comfortable. Hair need to think through to the smallest detail, creating a slightly sloppy image. Never forget about the shape of the eyebrows and natural makeup. Monitor the condition of the nails, peeling varnish - taboo.
  2. Confidence. Be sure of your own irresistible. How much you will feel, and others will perceive you.
  3. Facial expressions.Practice at home in front of the mirror, shoot your eyes, smile mysteriously and lead the eyebrow beautifully. This talent is rarely given by nature, so do not be lazy and practice. You do not need a nervous twitching of the eye instead of a playful wink.
  4. Touches and gestures. They should not be too much, besides, they should be as if accidental and unobtrusive.
  5. Compliments. Men, like women, love praise, but the main thing is to praise for real merit. It may even be simple trifles, the main thing is not a false lie.
  6. Inaccessibility. The task of flirting is to kindle desire. In words, you kind of say no, and your eyes promise an interesting continuation.
  7. Weakness. Demonstrate your weakness and helplessness, ask a man for some service. Let him feel like a real knight next to you. At the end do not forget about gratitude.
  8. Hot and cold. Show the object of your sympathy to the maximum attention, and the next day barely nod at the meeting. Thus, a person will not want to lose your initial interest and will take the first step himself.
  9. Do not interrupt. When participating in a conversation, try not to interrupt, especially a man.They love when a girl knows how to listen and ask clarifying questions. Quality is quite rare for girls, but it can be developed if desired.
  10. Sight. Do not forget about the right look. You do not have to drill them interlocutor, but do not need to consider everything around me without paying attention to the person. Periodically throw on the interlocutor interested, and sometimes challenging views.

Here, in principle, all the basic rules of flirting, through which you can make a new acquaintance or ignite the passion in a long relationship.


We offer you some more recommendations on how to flirt with a man or a woman correctly. Having taken them into service, you will come closer to your cherished goal.

For women:

  • Forget about despondency, personify cheerfulness and optimism with your appearance;
  • Do not keep in the shadow of your friends, act and experiment;
  • if you like a man - look him straight in the eyes and smile;
  • it is very important how you say the first phrase, even regardless of what it will be about;
  • remember that flirting does not oblige you to any subsequent action.

For men:

  • at least sometimes say no. Your reliability and diligence to agree to everything, just to get the location of the ladies will not lead to anything;
  • radiate confidence with all your appearance;
  • ask the girl questions to learn more about her;
  • periodically lower the voice and slow down the pace of speech;
  • open the girl any little secret - they adore it.

The main mistakes of flirting

In flirting there are certain boundaries through which you can not cross, otherwise you will step on the same rake. Here are the main mistakes that are made when flirting. Read them carefully and take notes.

  1. Do not talk only about yourself, give the other person the opportunity to insert at least a couple of words.
  2. Forget about discussing your former passions.
  3. Do not drill the object of your desire with your eyes. At this moment you look weird.
  4. Remove all the “masks” from yourself - simulated smiles, unnatural facial expressions or a weary face.

Now you know how to flirt with girls or skillfully draw the attention of men. It should be noted that such flirtations are needed not only by free people, but also by well-established families.Flirt helps to maintain sensual intimate relationships and add a spark to everyday life.