How to flash the battery

You will need
  • - A program for flashing the battery;
  • - original battery;
  • - memory card.
Get the original PlayStation Portable battery in your city stores. If it is not available, purchase a fake Chinese for the first time, and do the flashing by following what was included. In no case do not use them for the opposite purpose, you risk permanently damage the device. Please note that the memory card must also be original.
Download the PSP Pandora Deluxe software. Install the downloaded program on your computer and start it, after connecting the memory card to the USB port of the computer using the card reader.
Save the firmware by preloading it using the main menu functions. Download and unzip the Hellcat Pandora Installer archive, which will help prepare your battery for flashing the console.
Open Hellcat Pandora Installer, copy the contents of the pan3xx folder to the Game directory in the memory of your console. Run the program already from the gaming console.Go to the Battery Options menu, then select the action make battery Pandora.
Shut down the console and remove the battery. After that, insert the flash card into the device, hold down the "Up" button and return the battery to its original place. Perform a flashing of the device from the Pandora menu that has appeared on your screen, for this use the Install command.
When performing manipulations with the battery, make sure that its charge is enough to perform a flashing of the device. Also try to check downloaded files for viruses, because they often spoil portable devices. Do not reflash the console Pandora, if it still has a warranty obligation of the manufacturer or seller.