How to find merchandisers

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - phone;
  • - Email;
  • - merchandising coach;
  • - decent wages.
Post recruitment vacanciesmerchandiserson popular portals offering jobs. Determine the terms for which you need a specialist (if not for a permanent job). Be clear about what products you will have to work with, how many hours a day, what salary awaits an employee. Also indicate, according to which document the merchandiser will work (clearance under the TK, contract agreement, etc.).
View a resume of applicants in this field. Pay particular attention not only to temporary work experience, but also to the functions performed. In different companies working functionsmerchandisersmay vary depending on product specifics and management requirements.
Contact recruitment agencies. There are personnel services that select experts in the field of merchandising. Clearly state the requirements for the candidate.Supply the person searching for the merchandiser with all the necessary information about your company and about the job offered.
Directly chat with an already working merchandiser. If in any store you are attracted by the design and display of products, ask to invite to you the person who does it. It is not necessary to notify the rest of the staff about the true purpose of your visit. In clothing stores, for example, only merchandisers are responsible for making dummies, so they will send you to him if a blouse from a shop window is needed.
Prepare your merchandising specialists, with the constant need for professionals in this profile. By investing money in employee training, you invest in the future of your company, because the profitability of your business depends on how the products are located, how attractive it looks to the buyer. If you are worried that after the training, the employee leaves the company, you can enter into an agreement with him, according to which he will have to work a certain amount of time to pay back the training costs, as well as a system of fines imposed when conditions are not met.