How to find a wife?

No matter how many men swagger and beat their fists in the chest, that they are true and inveterate bachelors, you know, this is not quite true. Hardcore bachelors simply do not. There is no such man who would come day after day into an empty, not comfortable apartment, and felt the joy that no one was there. All creatures on earth want affection, warmth and love. And bachelors are no exception. Let us in this article touch on the topic of where and how to find a wife for a lonely man or boyfriend.

In the distant past, men conquered the lady of the heart in battle. But this time has long sunk into oblivion. Young people are not used to fighting for something or for someone. They are much easier to use the Internet or contact the dating service. But if you all decided to act independently, then before starting the search you need to know where to find a wife.

Meeting on the street

It’s not at all difficult to walk up to the girl you like on the street and start a conversation. But it’s not at all a fact that a lady would like to keep up a conversation with a stranger. There is also a chance that your passion is married. And some girls just do not react to banal ways of dating.Type: "Do not tell me what time it is?", "Girl, do not want to meet?", Or "Your mother does not need a son-in-law?". In order for the acquaintance to take place, it is necessary to radiate charm, courage and have a well-hung tongue.

Virtual love

Many young people prefer to meet in social networks. But this version of dating has many drawbacks. You get acquainted with a beautiful nymph with bottomless eyes, a charming smile, aspen waist, long legs and a shock of shiny hair .... And a woman does not come on a date not the first freshness, with the presence of a couple dozen extra pounds. Where is the guarantee that the photo hides the one and not the other person?

Meeting at work

At first glance, acquaintances in the workplace have their advantages, but as practice shows, there are more minuses. Because of relationships, you can lose not only your girlfriend, but also get problems at work.

Dating in a dating club

If you have made for yourself an important decision “I want to find a wife”, then you can go to a flirt party. There you can safely choose from all the ladies present and not be afraid that the chosen one will not want to get acquainted or will be married.In case you don’t like anyone, you’ll just have a fun free evening.

Draw conclusions

  • First of all, you need to determine for yourself the correct wording of the question. What do you really want. You are interested in how to find a wife or how to find a mistress with legs from ears and a huge bust. Indeed, in the choice of the spouse appearance is not important. You need a cute, pretty girl who will take care of you, manage the household and be able to give you a bunch of kids in the near future.
  • All people have both positive and negative qualities. Nobody is perfect. You should not create an unattainable ideal. Just imagine a few qualities that you think should be present in the character of your future spouse. Try on these criteria available among the contenders girls.
  • When choosing a life partner, you should pay attention to genes. It is unlikely that parents with alcoholism will grow up a good and properly raised daughter. Since nobody was really engaged in upbringing there.
  • Choosing a wife, compare your interests. They have to touch a little. If the husband and wife love to walk in the woods or enjoy skiing, then joint trips will only strengthen their marriage.
  • Pay attention to all friends of your future spouse, because after the wedding, anyway, you will have to communicate with them.
  • You should not choose a beautiful but stupid doll as a wife. She will get tired of you very soon. After all, you will have to not only look at a beautiful face, but also talk to her, and if your head is empty, then a monologue will not bring any joy.
  • We also do not recommend choosing a lazy, but beautiful girl, as she will not be able to take care of you, she will not indulge you with various goodies, and will only be engaged in cleaning on major holidays.

Now you know almost everything about choosing a wife, including places of acquaintance and general rules of communication. We hope that this will help you choose the one and only wonderful companion of life who will hold you all in warmth and love. We wish you good luck in this!