How to find a lover?

Women are unique creatures. At first they dream of getting married since childhood, and after the wedding dress has a little dust in the closet, they dream of a new man. Of course, this is not about every woman of the beautiful sex. There are different women. Someone wants thrills, the risk of being exposed, someone - love, tenderness, passion and kisses. Someone just wants to find a rich lover and there is nothing to refuse. Yes, family life is not an easy thing, sometimes the wife lies near her sleeping husband and just dreams that he would give her at least some emotions. For that matter, let's think about how to find a lover.

Why do you need a lover

Why women have an acute shortage of a new man, we have already figured out. But imagine that you already have this fan. What good will he give you?

  • Energy and strength from the new love,
  • High-quality, regular sex,
  • The glitter in the eyes
  • Women's health and strong nerves.

How not to be mistaken with the choice

If you are free, then finding such a man is not at all difficult.But a married lady has too many things to do: household chores, cleaning, washing, cooking, children, etc. Just take and find a lover - a little, you need to understand that he must meet certain requirements.

The most important thing when choosing a man must be adequate. If he is too unpredictable, it can bring you real trouble. You are not going to divorce her husband?

First of all, set yourself a goal:

  • find a lover
  • get from him a sea of ​​pleasant sensations
  • quickly break up.

You have to get all that you lack in family life, but at the same time not attach to your lover.

Basic requirements for a man:

  • he must be able to keep his mouth shut
  • he must respect your marriage and understand that the husband is your priority,
  • he must be romantic, sexy, have a sense of humor, etc.

Married and not married

  • Pay attention to married men. Many women start a relationship only with such partners. Their advantage is that they value their marriage, do not want to divorce, and therefore certainly know how to keep secrets. In addition, they have already learned to understand the subtleties of relationships. This is a great type of lover.
  • With a free man is easier to meet, because how exactly he adapts to you. He has more free time than a married man and you can see each other when you want.

How to make a lover

The most important thing is to know where to look. You must understand that finding a lover is not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you are married, you are unlikely to frequent various parties and nightclubs.

  1. Job. How, then, do most of the weaker sex? Of course, they are beginning to look closely at the men who work with them. You can also take advantage of this option, but just remember that someone from your colleagues can always learn about your secret relationship and dissolve gossip. And if you become a favorite topic for discussion with the whole team, then you risk being exposed and at home.
  2. Acquaintances. Finding a decent lover is easier if you have a wide social circle. Do not limit yourself only to work and life, then you will have a lot of options among their familiar men.
  3. Friend. Your friend can make your search easier. If you drive a friendship with someone and know for sure that this girl can be relied on, then half the work has already been done. Your husband knows that you are friends, so he will not worry, letting you go for a walk together.And you can already choose where to go. Find a lover will not be difficult if you sometimes go to a bar, cafe or restaurant. Most importantly, be 100% confident in your girlfriend.
  4. Hobby. How to find a lover? Sign up for some section. Find your hobby and hide behind it. An excellent choice is a gym or a fitness center. There you will see a huge selection of handsome men with sports figures.
  5. Surprise. Well, if you are very brave, you can make a romance even with a taxi driver, a neighbor, or a massage therapist.
  6. The Internet. Today, virtual relationships are very common. They bring positive emotions and are not so detrimental to marriage. If this option does not suit you, and you want a real man, you can simply meet him on the Internet and meet in real life. Just be careful and do not forget to delete all messages.

How to find a rich lover

Before looking for a rich, prey man, think about whether you really need him. Imagine the situation that you have already found it. What will it give you? Well, he will buy you a ring with a diamond and a couple of good things. At this, his generosity is likely to end.You will meet at his home or in a rented apartment. Why would he dress you up? One beautiful dressing gown will be enough.

And now you admire your ring, expensive outfits and think about how to pay all the bills for the apartment. He seems to be talking about this and is uncomfortable. For him, it's the little things. He does not need a poor beauty who dreams that he open his wallet as often as possible. Such a lover will want a strong independent woman.

If you still do not change your mind, and as before you dream of a rich prince, then dress high quality and with taste and go to places that are focused on wealthy people. And always remember that some rich people prefer to travel to their offices by subway.

Be careful, always think over how to meet with a lover so that your husband does not suspect anything.