What to feed the child in 4 months?

From the first days of the birth of a baby, its nutrition plays a huge role. Some parents do not know how to feed the baby. Therefore, to help parents, we will tell about the diet of a child of 4 months.

The main nutrition of a child at 4 months is breast milk. The number of meals remains the same, there should be at least 6 of them per day. It is better to feed the baby directly according to his needs. At the age of four months, you can begin to introduce complementary foods. But this should be done correctly and in small quantities.


For the first feeding, fruit and berry juices will be an excellent option. The first is to enter the apple fresh juice. This should be done very carefully, literally a couple of drops for the first time. Then follow the reaction of the baby, his health, stool and the purity of his skin.

If everything went smoothly, you can continue to give juice. Each time its portion may increase by a few drops. With this use of juice in a couple of months, the volume will be about 30 ml at a time.

In no case do not use the juice remaining from the past feeding and do not give a daily dose at a time. It is also not recommended to mix different juices. They are best given in pure form.

You can also use purchased juices. The package must be written that they are suitable for feeding the child 4 months.

How to make juice?

To do this at home is extremely simple, even without using a juicer. Just rub the fruit on a fine grater and squeeze it through gauze or a sterile bandage. It is better to squeeze out immediately on a teaspoon. Make sure that there is no flesh left in it. The baby's digestive tract is very sensitive to him.

It is not necessary to give lure through the nipple, make it a small spoon. If the portions are already large, use a drinking cup.

From the age of 4 months you can start adding fruit puree for babies to the baby’s nutrition. Sold such a product in stores and pharmacies. Fruit puree contains everything necessary for the full development of the baby (mineral salts, pectin, vitamins).


At 4 months, the baby can already begin to eat vegetable puree.It is worth giving it in small portions before day feeding. For starters, it's better to use some kind of one vegetable. Good for this fit potatoes or carrots. You can mix them only after the child met each of them separately.


To cook the vegetable puree, chop the vegetables and boil them in a small amount of water for 2 hours. Then strain the water and strain the vegetables themselves several times through a sieve. After this vegetable broth can be added to the resulting puree, bringing it to the consistency of thick cream.

We considered how to feed a child in 4 months. When giving your baby food, be extremely careful. If you see an allergic reaction, you need to temporarily stop feeding. So he can't be done right after vaccination or right in front of her.