How to fall?

People fall since childhood. But if in childhood it is inevitable, if parents do not inspect, then in adulthood you can save yourself from falling. If, however, sometimes it happens to fall, it is better to know how to do it correctly. After all, the main thing in the fall is not to hurt yourself and not to break anything for yourself.

Receptions, how to fall, are taught first of all by athletes (especially in all types of wrestling), who fall very often during training. But the ability to properly fall can be useful to ordinary people in the home: at the cottage when repairing a house, when there is a risk of falling from the stairs, during ice on the streets of the whole country, as well as skating, roller skating or skating on a frozen lake.

Common Falling Mistakes

It is strictly forbidden:

  • To fall on a straight arm, it is fraught with fractures of the elbow or hand;
  • To fall on the elbow, it is fraught with a fracture of the clavicle, which assumes the entire weight of the falling;
  • To fall on the knee or knees, the kneecap can break from such a movement;
  • Falling on the buttocks, this can lead not only to a tailbone injury, but also to a compression injury of the spine;
  • Fall flat on your back - you can hit the back of your head and get at least a concussion.


When skating, it is important to know how to fall correctly so as not to harm health. The most common type of fall among skate lovers is falling ahead. To fall correctly, it is necessary to fall not on your knees or elbows, but on your side, while trying to turn the body 45 degrees. Strictly on its side, turning the body 90 degrees, it is not recommended to fall, you can swipe or knock out the hip joint.

It is also common on ice to fall backwards For a safe fall, it is necessary to try in time to turn the body so that the body is fully deployed so that only one buttock falls completely on the buttock. You can try to hold yourself bent at the elbow. The other hand should be carried out only forward, thereby turning the body forward to the ice.

Household falls

How to fall from a ladder or a different height and not hit? Exercises for training correct falls will help:

  • Exercise first - the skill of self-insurance. It is necessary to squat, group and gently fall on the shoulder blades, while making the back wheel. Having fallen, you need to straighten your arms and make cotton on the ground. The stronger the cotton, the greater the height of the fall.
  • Exercise two - drop to the side. Squatting, it is necessary to alternately fall to the right and then left, hands while doing cotton on the ground. If you fall on the left side, the strike is done with your left hand. It is important to remember that the hand can not be placed under the body, it is straightened forward. The other hand holds the drop at the shoulder. A little practice, you can understand all the subtleties of falling to the side and thus save yourself from pain and other troubles in the event of a real fall.
  • Exercise three - somersaults over the head, self-insurance. Squatting, grouped, it is necessary to make a roll forward. At the moment when the earth touches the back, cotton is made by hands on the ground. By the same principle, flip-flops are made back through one and the second shoulder. This exercise develops the skill of self-insurance in the fall.

Theatrical Fall

And sometimes the girls need to know how to fall beautifully. This can be useful not only in theatrical productions, but also in life when it will be necessary to imitate a swoon. There are no rules here, the only thing you need is to be confident in your partner, who must catch or hold in case of a fall.If there is no confidence in the partner, it is necessary to follow all the above recommendations for a proper fall.