How to entertain guests at the anniversary?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 18, 2011
How to entertain guests at the anniversary?

Anniversary, as a rule, a big holiday! Many guests are invited to it. Someone has not seen each other for a long time, but someone is not familiar at all, therefore it is necessary to entertain guests with contests and funny games in order to defuse the atmosphere and make the evening fun.

How to entertain guests at the anniversary: ​​ideas

  1. What is most important on the anniversary? Of course, this congratulations! Let the congratulations on this day be special - alphabetically. The leader must declare: the guests have gathered smart, creative, but do they know the alphabet? I suggest to check the hero of the day. The first guest should congratulate the birthday man, starting his speech with the letter "a", the second - with the letter "b" and so on. The funny thing is to watch the guests reach the letters "g", "g" or "s".
  2. Call on a few pairs of competition. Tie a huge wallet to a woman’s belt, and a banknote to a man. The task of the participants without the help of hands to put a bill in your wallet.
  3. The facilitator builds guests in two lines (male-female-female-female). These are two teams.Now the first participant of each team in the left armpit is put an empty plastic bottle (like a thermometer). Whose team is the fastest to pass the “thermometer”, without touching it with your hands, she will win! At the end of the game, the leader gives the floor to the winning team to congratulate the hero of the day.

With a large number of mobile contests and ideas for the anniversary you can find in our article "What contests can be held?".

How to entertain guests at the anniversary table

  1. A game called "I love - I don't love" will make everyone laugh and relax. Guests at the anniversary sit at the table. Everyone should take turns to name 2 parts of the body of his neighbor on the right: what I love about my neighbor on the right, and what I don't like about him. For example, I love my neighbor's nose on the right, but I do not like the ear. As soon as all the guests call the adored and hated parts of the neighbors' bodies, the facilitator asks them to kiss what they love and to bite what they do not like. A couple of minutes of perky laughter is provided!
  2. Guests sit at the table. Give one of them a long piece of paper and ask him to draw the head of the hero of the day. Then the sheet is folded. The next guest in a circle draws the chest and arms of the hero of the day, the next one - the belly, then the hips, and finally the legs. Such a portrait of the hero of the day is given to a birthday man.