How to edit video?

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How to edit video?

Having ready footage, it is difficult for a beginner to even imagine how to edit video and what is needed for that. The process of video editing itself is a collection of individual images taken in a holistic video sequence. After it ends, overlay video and other necessary effects over the video.

It is clear that no one will sit and personally glue the slices of cut film. Today it is done much faster and easier. Editing is done with the help of special programs - video editors, which have the necessary set of tools that allow editing video files of any complexity and different formats. It all depends on the capabilities of the program and the format of the video itself. You should also consider the system capabilities of your computer, because the more complex the video editing program, the more it will require resources to work correctly with the video. Therefore, before editing a video, you should evaluate the capabilities of your equipment.

In general, video editors are a rather complicated type of program. And a novice user, you need to have some theoretical training to work with such a program. Otherwise, the person simply gets confused in the number of functions offered by the editor. It should be noted that the basic functions of video editors differ little from each other. Therefore, you should not download the latest version of the program, with a bunch of new features, if you have no idea how to work with the simplest editor in principle.

The most famous program for working with video files is Windows Movie Maker. It is installed on all computers along with the Windows system itself. This type of editor has its pros and cons. But, often, new users begin to learn how to work with video.

Work with the editor

First you need to download the latest version of the program.

There are terms and concepts that are common for video editing in different programs. When you learn how to edit videos in Windows Movie Maker, you will also use common terms in many other similar programs, and learning new video editors will be much faster.

Adding music and sounds

Various music and sound can be easily added to Windows Movie Maker to enhance the entertainment of your movie. Audio files are on the scale of the project, which makes it easy to manage and paste them in the right place. You can add audio comments to your video or simply add music and effects. With the help of video effects and video transitions, you can add an additional visual interface to the film or presentation.

Windows Movie Maker also has the ability to add a movie title and insert titles at the very end. Captions can be animated or simply superimposed on the top of the photos, or video clips in your movie.

Step-by-step instruction

Let's take a look at how to edit a video using Windows Movie Maker.

  • The first step is to download the video that we want to edit. To do this, we need to open the "File" menu and select "Import to collections". After that, a window with files will appear, and your task is to select the folder and the video file we need. Then click on it. The file is highlighted and displayed in the bottom line of the "Window". After that we click "Import".
  • The file we downloaded appeared in the top field of the program.To edit it, drag the required file to the bottom field. If you need to glue together several different files, then add the required video file using the same scheme. After that, drag them to the bottom line in the desired order.
  • To start working with video, select the video (click on the video) in the bottom line, which is located in the right corner of the screen for viewing. Now you have the opportunity to watch a video, and you can also divide it into parts and take a photo from this video file.
  • We cut the video. In the viewing screen, you can find the icon "Divide into two parts", it is located on the right edge, the second in a row. Press the "Play" button in the place where you are going to cut the video. Then we press a pause, and then the aforementioned "split into two parts." You can also simply put the slider at the selected time roller. Select the unnecessary part by clicking on the bottom line of the video file, and then right-click select "Delete".
  • Before you edit a video, decide which part of it you will do now. If you want to cut a part of the video in the middle of the file, you will need to �Divide into two parts� twice.First, click "Split" at the beginning of the piece, which we do not need. The result will be two parts: the necessary and unnecessary + necessary. As in the first part, we find the end of the unnecessary part of the file and click "Split". As a result, we have three files: the beginning, the unnecessary part and the end. Delete the unnecessary part and save the file.
  • In order to save a photo from a video clip, you need to stop the video at the frame you like. Then click the �Take Photo� button, which is located below the viewing screen. Then just save the frame in the desired folder.
  • To save the film on your computer, we select in the menu "File" - "Save Movie File." In some versions, there is a "movie recording". After, choose the place where we want to save the file, and click "Next." In the first line we indicate the name, in the second we choose where we will save it, and again click �Next�. Specify the desired size and click "Next" again. Often, at this stage, novice users ask the following questions: �I don�t actively save a file� or: �Why can�t I save a file�? If you have such problems, it means that you made mistakes when editing. Go back.And we look step by step, whether everything was done correctly.

If you still have difficulties or simply do not understand how to edit the video, at a certain stage of work, then you can use the video tutorial that is presented below.