How to eat to have good hair

The composition of the hair of a healthy person

Hair is an integral part of our body, and their condition may indicate the presence of diseases. In a healthy person, they look shiny, smooth and beautiful. Hair gets the elements necessary for growth from the blood, so what we eat literally nourishes them. The composition of the hair of a healthy person looks like this:
- proteins (78%);
- water (15%);
- lipids (6%);
- pigment (1%).
In this case, proteins, in particular keratin, consists of hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. But not only the lack of these elements can affect the health of the hair, because a well-functioning hair follicle and the condition of the scalp are responsible for their normal growth.

Diet for hair growth

Calcium is necessary for hair growth, so all foods rich in this element should be included in your diet. These include: all varieties of cheese, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, almonds. To make calcium from food easier to digest by the body, you should not choose low-fat dairy products, a small percentage of animal fat is needed.The amino acid lysine also helps hair growth, and the liver is rich in it (pork, beef, chicken), so regular use of this product will activate the dormant hair follicles.

Diet for smooth hair

So that the structure of the hair was smooth, it needs moisture. Therefore, regular hydration from the inside and outside is simply necessary. In addition to establishing the optimal climate in the room, it is worth drinking a large amount of liquid - it is better if it is ordinary (or mineral) water and compotes rich in trace elements.
Zinc prevents hair thinning, therefore, in order to have beautiful hair, it is worth including seafood in your diet. By the way, fatty fish, such as mackerel, is very useful, because unique acids prevent the loss of moisture and excessive fragility.

Diet for density and strength of hair

The main element of the hair is α-keratin, for its synthesis a sufficient amount of animal and plant protein is required. All types of meat, an offal, bean are richest by it. Buckwheat is also useful in this respect; it includes not only iron, which makes hair silky, but also molybdenum, which helps to form the internal structure of the hair.

Diet for shine and hair color

You always want your hair to have a rich natural color and shine, and the gray hair did not bother with its appearance for another couple of decades. Proper nutrition will help in this. For example, a sufficient amount of sulfur in the diet helps to enhance the shine of the hair, so eggs containing this element should be consumed if not daily, then at least 2-3 times a week.
It is interesting that sunflower seeds - pumpkin or sunflower seeds - they are rich in manganese will help to make the hair color more saturated. And the use of eggplants will prevent the appearance of gray hair, since these vegetables contain a large amount of copper.