How to eat a grapefruit?

In appearance, grapefruit is much more attractive than the same orange or mandarin. But the taste is not felt the usual cutting into slices. The flesh of this fruit envelops the film, bitter in taste. In order for it to allow you to enjoy eating this fruit, you need to know how to eat grapefruit.

Grapefruit Feature

Wash the grapefruit thoroughly first. Then cut it across the lobules into two parts. Using a special spoon, separate the pulp from the film and eat it. You can sprinkle with sugar. But if there is no such spoon, how is grapefruit?

Try to peel, cut into slices, and then, removing the film, eat with pleasure. Want to enjoy the abundance of this tasty pulp, put it in a bowl and add sugar.

Some secrets

Now we will reveal the secret of how some gourmets eat grapefruit. They carefully cut off the peel at the top of the fruit, incise it horizontally and reveal the flesh. Now cut out the middle part with a diameter of 3 cm. Squeeze out the tea spoon by pressing on the pulp.Sugar is added to the hole, the juice is released faster, and it is poured into the jar. Pieces of pulp are also sent there. The drink is cooled, sugar is added if desired and served in wide glasses.

But the taste of grapefruit is directly dependent on its appearance. The heavier it is, the juicier it is. The redder the pulp, the sweeter. The right choice of this fruit is the key to your enjoyment.

Benefits and contraindications

Doctors say that grapefruit is very useful for almost all people. The exceptions are patients with increased acidity of the gastric tract, with an ulcer. But you can adapt and use several slices per day, and after meals. But many women ask whether it is possible to eat grapefruit pregnant? He is extremely necessary for future moms. This fruit has all the necessary microelements and vitamins for a woman and a child. And it does not hurt, as it refers to the fruits of the diet group.

Another grapefruit is a good prevention of obesity, diabetes, beriberi, atherosclerosis. And if you combine grapefruit with other citrus fruits, this will help excrete salts and slags from the body.

Nutritionists have noticed that grapefruit, or rather the enzymes and acids contained in it, help to strengthen the digestive process.It is especially useful for those whose food in the stomach lingers for a long time, ferments and leads to dysbiosis. In this case, grapefruit should be eaten in a quarter before and after meals.

How to eat grapefruit: rules

Since grapefruit is an excellent dessert served in a restaurant, let's talk about etiquette. Namely, how to eat grapefruit? Usually it is served in the peel, cut across into two halves and in advance sprinkled with powdered sugar. Use a special curved grapefruit knife to cut out the flesh and eat it with a special fruit spoon with a sharp edge.

You can squeeze the juice from the halves and add sugar. If desired, dilute the juice with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Try to make jam or infuse liquor. This is an unusual taste!