How to earn 10 rubles?

Kristina Mamaeva
Kristina Mamaeva
August 31, 2014
How to earn 10 rubles?

Ten rubles today is a little money. But knowing how to earn this amount once, you can multiply it in the future. Let's talk more about how to earn the first 10 rubles in real life and on the Internet.

How to earn 10 rubles on the Internet

The fact that you can earn income online, is known today to all. You can earn such a small amount on the Internet quite easily and quickly in the following ways:

  • Surfing sites. The essence of the work is to view the sites of advertisers and to receive remuneration for it.
  • Perform a one-time job. There are special commentary exchanges on which, after registration, simple tasks will be available to perform. These can be comments, reposts, likes, or simple registration on any third-party resource.
  • Paid surveys. You register, fill out forms and get rewarded for it. But there is a nuance: this work is suitable for those who are 16 years old.
  • Or you can simply create your own free website and dedicate it to collecting money.This work is called "kopilochka." Its essence is that you ask your visitors to transfer at least 1 ruble to your e-wallet. Many will refuse. But some of this translation is still carried out. So, you can get a small amount without doing anything.

How to get 10 rubles for work in real life

But everyday life can earn 10 rubles, not really straining. So, to earn 10 rubles, and maybe more, you can in the following ways:

  • Spread free newspapers and magazines.
  • Distribution of advertising leaflets. Very often, various establishments hold promotions and, in order to inform potential clients about this, they issue leaflets, and pay a small fee to their one-time employees for their distribution.
  • Posting ads.
  • Walking the neighbor dogs.

And yet: you can get 10 rubles, even without working: you just need to take them. But even borrowing such a small amount is worth it. After all, many people know the riddle of the 10 rubles lost when the debt was returned, but not everyone could find the answer to it. But everything is very simple.