How to dress in the club

Check in advance what the situation is waiting for you, what music will be performed in the club that you are going to visit. Or maybe you were invited to a thematic, corporate party or presentation? Do you plan to dance and have fun until the morning or will you wander around the hall with a glass and make promising acquaintances? Much depends on the answers to these questions, including the choice of attire.
If you are going to a club with an informal creative atmosphere, dress as unusual as possible. Jeans and T-shirts from young and yet unknown designers, vintage gizmos, bought on the European market ruin, bold hand-made and things from the latest collections of inexpensive, but fashionable brands - this is what should be the basis of your wardrobe. Feel free to complement the outfit with original jewelry in unlimited quantities. Bright makeup and unusual manicure are welcome.
Fashionable expensive clubs, organizing social events, expect a completely different image from you.On a fashionable party, it is more appropriate to dress - preferably short, with an interesting cut, draperies and neckline. Wear elegant high-heeled shoes instead of funny sneakers. In winter, fashionable high boots made of thin leather are suitable; in summer, sexy open sandals. Do not forget the pedicure. Complement the outfit with relevant jewelry - for example, a set of ringing bracelets, jardinie earrings or a large cocktail ring. And take a beautiful bright clutch - it will attract attention to your hands.
Gathering from the heart to dance, choose jeans or shorts. Fitted mini-dresses look great, but if you have to constantly pull up the hem, you are unlikely to look sexy and you can’t relax at all. Instead of studs and platforms, wear ballet flats or sneakers, and replace the clutch bag with a small bag on a long thin strap, which is convenient to hang on your shoulder. Do not forget about the original top or a beautiful T-shirt - in the dense crowd of dancers they will notice exactly the top of your outfit.