How to draw SpongeBob?

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How to draw SpongeBob?

Today we will talk about how to draw Spongebob, or, as it is also called, Sponge Bob Square Pants - a famous cartoon character. This hero of the American cartoon series fell in love with many. Spongebob lives in the underwater city, along with other inhabitants of the seabed. Drawing it is not difficult, so feel free to take up the pencil.

How to draw SpongeBob with a pencil? To draw, you will need a sheet of paper, a simple pencil, an eraser, colored pencils or felt-tip pens and, of course, inspiration.

Let's take a look at how to draw SpongeBob in stages.

  • First draw the base of Sponge Bob. No wonder he is called Square Pants - his figure resembles a square. You can draw a trapezoid, the lower part of which (pants) is narrower than the upper part (head). From below we draw 2 sticks - future legs, and on the sides 2 arcs - hands. Let's draw a vertical line in the middle, as well as horizontal lines - mark the line of the eyes and the nose and the line where the pants begin.
  • At the intersection of the auxiliary lines, draw an oval nose and smile corners.Draw a wide smile and 2 large protruding teeth. On the planned line we will draw 2 circles - eyes. In the middle of 2 smaller circles that need to be painted - these are SpongeBob's pupils. On top of each eye, draw 3 sticks - eyelashes.
  • In more detail we will draw hands and legs. On the edges of the chopsticks-legs we will draw 2 ovals - feet. The same ovals can be painted on the hands, or, arrange the picture in such a way that the hero's hands will be hidden behind his back. Then the line of hands must be brought close to the body. Add at the base of the arms and legs along the rectangle - these will be sleeves and legs.
  • Make the shape of Sponge Bob's body using a wavy line - you can draw it arbitrarily. Next, draw a tie, belt and dots, freckles in the corners of a smile. Our hero smiles at us from a sheet of paper!
  • We thicken the lines of the arms and legs, add volume to them, draw fingers and shoes. Spongebob scattered around the body characteristic shcherbinki, draw them in the form of circles. You can shade them a little to give volume.
  • After that we color our drawing. SpongeBob's body is yellow, the shorts are red, and the eyes are blue.

Learn how to draw friends Spongebob will help you a variety of video tutorials and instructions on the Internet.

We hope our article has helped you, and now you know how to draw SpongeBob! Good luck!

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