How to draw a poppy?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
January 28, 2013
How to draw a poppy?

The picture with bright red poppies will be an amazing decoration for your interior and will bring warmth and tenderness of a summer day. Not many people know how to draw poppy with their own hands and that it is not difficult at all. To do this you will need watercolor pencils, paper and knowledge of technology.

We draw poppy: stages

  • A sheet of watercolor paper needs to be attached to the tablet. After that, moisten it on both sides with a sponge or a wide brush.
  • With a dark pink pencil draw the outline of the petal. On wet paper, the drawing will be blurred and will resemble watercolor paint.
  • Next you need to learn how to draw a poppy in stages. First, paint the outline from the inside with an orange pencil, then add brown and yellow. You should have smooth transitions of colors on a petal.
  • Add the remaining petals and the core of the poppy. The colors inside the petals should be as blurry as possible. If there is no such effect, blur them with a wet brush.
  • Look carefully so that the borders of the petals are noticeable,point them in marked lines with jagged edges.
  • Use dark colors in the shaded part of the flower. Dark red for petals and brown for the contour.
  • The core must be greenish. There are several dark, almost black dots around her. Be careful, the closer the petals are to the core, the darker and redder they are.
  • Now you know how to draw poppy with a pencil. In the same way, make a few more colors.
  • Now outline and draw the stems. Use a brown, green and black pencil. Complete the drawing with leaves.
  • Now, it remains to wait until the picture dries. Carefully look at it and without breaking the texture, add the missing strokes and finish the drawing.

Your poppy is completely ready, select a suitable frame for the picture and place it on the wall. Now summer will stay with you for a long time and will delight the eye with its bright colors.