How to draw an anime girl?

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How to draw an anime girl?

Anime lovers may want to make a sketch of their favorite female character. It's easy, but requires some skill. So, how to draw an anime girl - now tell.

First, determine the position in which you will depict the character. It is convenient to hold an image before your eyes - it can be a picture from the Internet or a frame from the anime. If you are going to draw for the first time, do not touch complex poses, the drawing of which requires minimal experience.

Girls in anime have common features:

  • fragile slender body;
  • a triangular face with a sharp chin and large expressive eyes;
  • schematically depicted nose, mouth, without detailed drawing;
  • hair, on the contrary, traced in detail.

Focusing on these features, you can create any character on paper. For drawing, take the eraser, pencil, landscape sheet. Start drawing with an anime character in front of your eyes.

Draw an anime girl: work flow

  1. First outline the silhouette.Circle the face, auxiliary lines, chin, arms, body, legs, clothes, hair. Remove excess with a eraser.
  2. Further, there may be a difficulty - how to draw the face of an anime girl. Remember the emphasis on large expressive eyes. They should pay attention. For convenience, it is better to make two parallel lines between which the eyes themselves will be located. Eyes slightly elongated, flattened, saturated color, with sparkles and highlights, framedAnime girlcilia. In a word, this part should be paid attention to and familiarized with the detailed drawing instructions given in the article How to Draw Anime Eyes. Eyebrows are depicted as a thin line, curved depending on the mood of the heroine. The mouth and nose are also simple and sketchy. Do not forget to remove the auxiliary lines.
  3. Draw the hair in more detail. Draw a hairstyle. Color the hair if the pattern is in color. Remember that with a touch of hair you can convey the character of a girl. So, pink color means softness, green - coldness, red - hot temper.
  4. Read how to draw a body in the thematic article How to draw an anime body. Draw on clothes, apply shadows and details.If you want to draw an anime cat girl, then add large ears and a long thin tail.

The long-awaited drawing is ready! If you are not satisfied with the result, train more, fill your hand.