How to draw a temple?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a temple?

Many, thinking about how to draw a temple with a pencil, come to the conclusion that it is very difficult. First, it is necessary to observe the traditional details inherent in this structure, and secondly, not to forget about the basic laws of painting, observing that you get a stunning drawing.

The steps of drawing a temple

Before you draw a temple in stages, you should take a piece of paper and a simple well-sharpened pencil. At the first stage, a vertical line should be drawn in pencil on the right side of the sheet. From the point from which you started to build a vertical line, you need to draw two oblique lines that should diverge at the same angle. Similarly, the constructed scheme should be drawn to the left of the drawing. As a result, you should have an even parallelepiped whose angle is at its lowest point, where all the lines meet. The dotted line will need to mark the base and edges of the parallelepiped, and in its center one line should be drawn up. This will serve as a guide for the structure of the dome.And then on the sides of the parallelepiped you need to draw four vertical lines.

At the second stage, it will be necessary to draw an arc-shaped line curved upwards, which will be the basis of the dome. Down from it should draw the boundaries of the bell tower. Moreover, the tower should go exactly from the base of the dome and end on the roof of the lower tier of the temple. Next, you need to modify the top edge of the dome, so that it looks like a pointed bulb.

The third stage involves the construction of three semi-cylindrical figures on the left side on the side wall of the lower tier of the building. Their height must be equal to the temple itself. Next, you need to draw a pointed dome and draw the roof of the temple on the right and left in the form of three curved arches.

At the fourth stage you should draw a door on the right wall of the building, and above it 3 windows. Then along the perimeter of the bell tower you need to draw several narrow windows. Then shade the darkened areas of the door, towers and windows with a simple pencil and add volume to the dome using a shadow. All the temple is ready. Now you know how to draw a temple and you will no longer be afraid to paint such buildings.

How to draw a temple

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