How to draw a squirrel?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a squirrel?

Who does not like protein. These harmless creatures literally charge the people around them with their enthusiasm and spontaneity, which one wants to see as often as possible. Of course, it’s not worth starting a squirrel, but you can draw it, especially since it is easy. However, before you draw a squirrel with a pencil, it is better to split its body into parts, so you simplify the task a lot, and the drawing will come out more drawn. To make the drawing interesting, attention should be paid to details, for example, a mushroom or a nut can be put in the hands of the animal.

Drawing squirrel

Before you draw a squirrel, you should find its image on the Internet to look at those features of the animal, which must be carefully worked out.

The first step in drawing a squirrel is to devote to drawing her head torso. The head should be drawn in the form of a circle flattened at one end. Then you can proceed to the body of the animal, which should be drawn in the form of an oval, narrowed to one end.Moreover, the narrowed part should be facing the head of the animal.

At the second stage, the hind leg should be drawn onto the body of the squirrel, which in shape should resemble a small elongated oval. Then in the upper torso you need to draw the front foot.

The third stage involves drawing the main advantage of the squirrel - its chic tail, which should be drawn large and lush.

At the fourth stage it is necessary to give the legs of the animal the correct shape. So on the back of the foot should show heels, while on the front - sticking fingers. After that, on the head of the squirrel will draw long sharp little ears and show the part of the second front foot, which can be seen behind the first. Since squirrels are very fond of mushrooms, so we draw mushrooms in the front legs.

During the fifth stage, it is necessary to show the fluffiness of the squirrel skin on its chic ponytail and breasts in short lines. Also, the tips of the ears should be rounded and draw on the face of the animal its nose and mouth, and on the paws to show fingers.

At the sixth stage it is necessary to finish the part of the second hind paw. And then we draw a small neat eye with a round dark border around.All pencil drawing funny squirrel ready. If necessary, it can be painted in red color. Now you know how to draw a squirrel in stages, and your drawing will lift your spirits.