How to draw a girl?

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How to draw a girl?

A beautiful portrait can be a great gift for a friend, mother, grandmother, sister. How to draw a girl's face and arrange your art gift? The main purpose of the portrait is to correctly repeat the facial features, artistically interpret the appearance of a person. Today we will see how to draw a girl.

A portrait, and especially a portrait of a girl, is one of the most difficult types of drawing. Therefore, do not be discouraged if the first time you do not get a perfect copy of a person’s face on paper. Since drawing a girl with a pencil is not an easy task, choose medium-hard pencils so that the unsure and wrong lines can be easily erased.

Step 1. Draw a circle that will describe the face. Choose the shape that best suits the type of person the person whose portrait you are painting. It can be a circle, an oval, a square with rounded tops, a heart-shaped form. Mark on this form the levels of the eyes and nose with light strokes.

Step 2. Sketch light strokes that more accurately convey the contours of the girl's head. Fine lines mark hair.

Step 3. Outlining the elements of the face.Thin strokes mark eyebrows, upper eyelids and eyelashes. Then go to the drawing of the nose - a very important detail of the portrait. The nose is difficult to draw afterwards, that the slightest curvature or non-compliance with proportions can spoil the overall look of the entire face. Sketch girl’s nose with thin lines. Watch out for proportions.

Step 4: Sketch the eyes. Carefully paint the eyeballs, paint the upper and lower eyelids, add eyelashes.

Stage 5. We draw a mouth. Take a close look at the face of the girl whose portrait you are painting, pay attention to the size of your mouth, the thickness of your upper and lower lips, whether the corners of your lips are raised or lowered. Transfer the image to the paper, fold the skin, mark the emotions, smile of the girl. The edges of the lips slightly shade with a pencil.

Stage 6. We draw a hairstyle. Depending on the type of hair of the girl you are painting, choose the correct type of pencil. For curly, fluffy hair more suitable soft pencils. For straight lines and smooth ones, it’s better to choose solid ones. Alternate thick and thin lines to add volume to your hair.

Step 7. Erase the auxiliary lines, refine the edges with a soft pencil.

Drawing girls ready!

In order to draw an anime girl, that is, a portrait in a trendy Japanese cartoon style, you need to take into account that the main emphasis in the anime drawings is placed on the eyes. Eyes in the "anime" portraits make exaggeratedly large, with an abundance of highlights and shades. Often anime characters have long or short disheveled hair, huge, as already mentioned, eyes, a thin little nose and funny little ears. All emotions of anime characters are displayed almost schematically, there are no complex folds of skin in execution, everything can be expressed by the refraction of the lip line and the position of the eyes.

So, you learned how to draw a girl in stages. Good luck in your workouts!