How to draw a fire truck?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 14, 2013
How to draw a fire truck?

If your son likes to draw various cars, then for a change he can be offered to draw a police or fire engine. However, before you draw a fire truck, you should pay attention to the child's main parts, as well as how they can be replaced by simple geometric shapes.

Draw a fire truck

  1. To begin with, a child should be provided with a sheet of paper, an eraser, a pencil, a ruler, colored pencils or paints. And now you can proceed to direct drawing. First, draw a rectangle on a sheet of paper, one side should be equal to 8 cm, and the other should be 15 cm. Then measure 9 cm on the upper side and put the point A, do the same with the bottom and put the point B, after which , these two points must be connected by a straight line. After that, we measure the points B 8 cm to the right, and upwards 4 cm and end this new rectangle. After that, you can postpone the ruler, and proceed to drawing.
  2. First, you need to draw the cab window with four lines and round off the sharp corner of the hood. Further, it is necessary to slightly raise the cab relative to the body and draw a signal flasher on the roof. After that, from the top of the back of the car at about an angle of 30-40 degrees, you need to draw two parallel straight lines and connect them with transverse lines, with the result that you should get a fire escape.
  3. Then you need to draw the two wheels of the car in the form of a circle in the circle - under the body and under the cab and add a headlamp in front.
  4. At this stage, you can trace the contours of the machine, erasing all the extra lines along the way.
  5. Then you should write on board the numbers "01" and paint the car colors.

Your drawing is ready. Now you know how to draw a fire truck in stages, and you can explain it to a child. To make it more clear you can look at this scheme while drawing:

How to draw a fire truck

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