How to draw a dragon in stages?

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How to draw a dragon in stages?

The dragon is a mythical animal that is present in the cultures of many nations. He is often portrayed in fantastic pictures, is made a cartoon character or a fairy tale. Drawing a dragon can be a very interesting activity for any artist, so it’s worth a detailed look at how to draw a dragon step by step. Before proceeding to the image of the animal, you should decide what the dragon will be like, because there are many options and they all differ from each other.

How to draw a Chinese dragon in stages?

One of the most popular is the Chinese dragon. This is a kind creature with a long serpentine body, four legs, a mane like a lion, and small horns. His image has long been placed in homes for protection from evil spirits and the welfare of the family.

  1. To draw a Chinese dragon, it is necessary to make sketches: make a circle for the head, with a line mark a long, winding body with a tail.
  2. In the upper part, closer to the head, we draw two short legs with five claws.
  3. The lower legs will be located approximately in the middle of the body and also have claws.
  4. On the head we depict triangular ears, small winding horns, a developing mane.
  5. You also need to designate two ovals for the eyes and an oval for an open mouth.
  6. Now it is necessary to add detailed details. On the face to draw wide-open eyes, nostrils on the nose, open mouth with sharp teeth and long whiskers.
  7. We depict the hair on the head, chin, in the sideburns.
  8. We turn to the body, making it thicker and drawing hair on the back in the form of a mane.
  9. Paws are also brought to a logical conclusion, having drawn claws and muscles.
  10. Bright colors need to paint the animal. A Chinese dragon can be red, orange, green, gold.

How to draw Bezubik's dragon in stages?


Another popular mythical character is the dragon Toothless from the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon.

Fans will definitely want to draw it. You can do this by following these tips:

  1. We denote the main parts of the body: a round head, to which we attach an elongated, vertical oval for the body.
  2. Next to the large oval at the base there will be two ovoid ovals for the hind legs.
  3. On the sides we will depict the wings in the form of elongated rhombuses and in front are long front legs.
  4. We turn to the face, having drawn a vertical line in the middle and two horizontal lines where the eyes will be.
  5. We draw large eyes looking down, a small nose, wide, long ears and small horns.
  6. On the forehead should be drawn dotted lines - it will be scales.
  7. We draw paws with claws, wings like a bat.
  8. We color Bezubika in dark gray.

The dragon was seated with wings spread apart.