How to draw a box?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
September 23, 2014
How to draw a box?

Boundless Russian fields were often sung by poets and painted by artists. Nothing is so fascinating glance, as the vast expanse of the field. And today we will learn how to draw a field.



  • Paper;
  • Eraser;
  • Pencil.

Draw a field:

  1. First of all, let's mark the horizon line.Field
  2. Next, start drawing clouds. To do this, draw any fancy or simple lines ovals. These can be cumulus clouds, then we draw large curls. Or cirrus clouds, then we draw simple short lines.
  3. Then on the horizon we draw distant objects. For example, trees, poles or forest. In this case, the figures should be very small, because the objects are far away.
  4. Now on the field we draw grass. Choose a place closer to the center and draw the grass in the form of thin lines. The rest of the field space you can not draw grass or make a few thin short blades of grass.
  5. It remains to remove the extra lines, arrange the clouds and we will have a field.

You can draw a field with wheat. Let's learn how to draw a box with such elements.

Field of wheat


  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser.

Draw a field with wheat:

  1. Draw the horizon line.Field
  2. Then we draw in the foreground long narrow ovals and narrow curved lines - these are spikelets on the stems. And then we draw small ovals-nuclei inside the spikelets. From each core there should be a small thin line.
  3. Next, in the background draw small lines, sometimes adding small spikelets.
  4. Now we will draw the sky. Draw clouds with irregular curved lines and the sun as a circle.

If you want to paint the landscape with colors, get ready. We will paint the landscape in stages with gouache or paint.

Field of paints or gouache


  • Paints: yellow or golden, blue, brown, white;
  • Brushes - thin and thick;
  • Palette.

Draw a color box:

  1. First we draw the field as described above. Next, we begin to paint.
  2. To make the field beautiful, you need to paint the sky blueFieldcolor, and the sun in yellow. Next, paint the clouds in white and add a little blue. You can mix in the palette blue and white colors.
  3. Then go to the field. Paint each large spikelet with yellow paint, and paint the cores with a thin brown brush. Then the field should be painted in yellow or golden color.Separate spikelets highlight brown.
  4. You can add cornflowers and daisies in the foreground. Then you need more dark green paint or gouache. Cornflowers paint in blue and highlight the stalk with dark green paint. A chamomile paint white, do not forget the yellow center.