How to download music from VK?

More often than not, we don’t refer to the music files that are on the computer at all, because all our favorite music is on our pages on social networks. However, there are situations when it is simply necessary to download some kind of musical composition, and it is long and difficult to search for it on the Internet. In this article we will explain how to download music from the site "VKontakte".

Download music through the source code of the page

This method of downloading music from the VC is somewhat difficult to perform, but at the same time, it is considered the safest and does not require the installation of additional software on the computer.

Opening code

So, you need to go to VC and find the song you want to download. Then you need to click on this song with the right mouse button and select the line “View item code” in the context menu. After that, browsers like Chrome will open the code area at the bottom of the screen, and in other browsers a separate tab or window may open.

Work with code

In this code, the entire string will be highlighted.Near this line you need to find the code <div class = "play_btn fl_l" </ div> or something similar to it. Then you need to click on the triangle on the left so that the content of the code is expanded. In the code that appears, you need to find a link that is in the parameters of the value tag. For example, value = http: // ?. As you can see, the value of this tag is nothing more than a link. You need to copy it, paste it into the browser line and press Enter. A black box opens with the player and the song we need. You just need to click anywhere in the field with the right mouse button and select the item “Save as ...” After that you need to choose the place where to download the song and download it.

Downloading music from VC using browser extensions

Another popular way to download music from VC for free is to install a special browser extension. The most popular extensions for browsers based on Chrome today are:

  • MusicSig vkontakte
  • Vkmp3
  • VK music

After downloading the extension and installing it, you must restart the browser. After restarting, next to any audio recording, buttons in the form of an arrow, information buttons and a “cross” will appear in the contact. As a rule, the arrow allows you to download a song, “i” in a circle gives information on the file size and other parameters, and the cross closes all buttons.

How to download music from VK using the program

These programs allow you to download music from VK for free:

  • VKMusic
  • Vksaver
  • Lovivk
  • Vkontakte.DJ

After launch, you need to select the source of downloading music (“My audio recordings”, “Audio recordings of my friends”, etc.), select a song and start downloading. You can also find and download a song through a search.

How to download music from VK through other sites

There are many different sites that use VK audio as their audio file database. For example:

On them you can download any songs from the VC in the same way as on any type site.