How to make a massage?

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How to make a massage?

Massage is not only an excellent means of relaxation, but also an aid for various diseases. Even in ancient times, massage was used for healing the body. Of course, experts will do the best massage, but if you do not have time or extra money, you can learn how to massage yourself. Let's find out how to properly massage.

General rules

Although there are a lot of massage techniques, there are general rules that need to be followed in any case. Otherwise, the massage will bring only harm.

Here are the massage rules:

  • The muscles of the person being massaged should be completely relaxed.
  • It is better to perform a massage on the naked body.
  • During the massage should not be a sensation of pain. If pain occurs, reduce strength.
  • Massage should be performed along the lymph nodes. For example, hands are massaged from hand to elbow, and legs from foot to knee. And you can not touch the lymph nodes.
  • It is better to alternate strong receptions with weak ones. There should be no pause between receptions.And you can repeat each method six to eight times.
  • During the massage you need to keep pace and rhythm. The pace can be slow (in this case, it reduces the excitability of the nervous system) or fast (increases excitability).
  • Before you get a massage, ask the person to break free from tension and relax your body.


And now we will consider massage techniques. There are eight techniques: stroking, kneading, vibration, shaking, squeezing, shaking, moving and rubbing. Each of these techniques in its own way affects the skin, blood circulation, adipose tissue.

  • Stroking is performed with smooth movements. First, it is very easy to stroke the skin, and then you have to stroke, pressing your palms a little. Repeating stroking should be five or six times.
  • Shaking is easy. You just need to slightly shake the area of ​​massage. You can perform three or four times.
  • Squeezing. This technique should be performed by the edge of the palm or hand from the side of the thumb. Do it vigorously. Run five to six times.
  • Kneading. To perform this technique, it is necessary to grab small skin patches with the bones of the fingers and knead them.Repeat four times.
  • Vibration. This technique is performed with your fingers or palm. It is necessary to fix the massage area with one hand, and with the other to make uniform oscillatory movements.
  • Motion. This reception can be active, with resistance or passive. Active movement is performed to restore muscle. Passive movement is performed when the muscles are as relaxed as possible. A movement with resistance - is the overcoming of resistance provided by a massage therapist.
  • Rubbing should be done as follows: rub the skin, applying force. Run four times.
  • Shaking. Run for limbs. It is necessary to shake the muscles with slight rotational movements.
  • To finish the massage should be the same stroking as in the beginning.

Sometimes after performing a massage, bruises may appear. Natural bruises after anti-cellulite massage, and with other types of massage bruises should not be.


Despite the benefits of massage, there are certain contraindications. You can not massage if:

  • There is irritation or damage to the skin;
  • There is an increased body temperature;
  • There are any tumors;
  • There are skin diseases;
  • There are cardiovascular diseases;
  • There are problems with the veins;
  • There are bleeding or acute inflammatory processes.

And now, when we learned the basic rules and techniques of massage, we will learn how to properly perform back massage and foot massage.

Back massage

This massage is probably the most sought after. Indeed, at the end of the working day, painful sensations most often occur in the back area.

  1. So, you first need to prepare. Lie on a comfortable table, put a pillow under the chest.
  2. Next, proceed to stroking. We carry palms in the direction from the waist to the shoulder blades along the spine. You can do this six or seven times.
  3. Then we begin to knead. To do this, hold the bones of the fingers, grabbing back areas and kneading them. You need to run four times.
  4. Then proceed to sawing. The edges of the palms need to make movements that are similar to sawing. First you need to do on one side of your back, and then on the other. Reception must be performed three times.
  5. And now we will do rolling. It is necessary to grab a piece of lumbar tissue on one side and, turning over with your fingers, roll upwards. And then repeat from the other side. Repeat five to seven times.
  6. Then you have to rub your back.
  7. Go to the clapping. You need to relax your hands a little and knock your palms on the back. Repeat twice.
  8. Then, on one side of the spine, it is necessary to perform a movement with both hands, as if you were kneading dough. The same should be done on the other side of the back. Repeat five times.
  9. And we finish the back massage with strokes.

More about back massage can be found in the article How to do a back massage.

Foot massage

We are always on our feet, we have a lot to do and everywhere we need to be in time. Naturally, in the evening the legs begin to ache and ache. But you can correct the situation and make a relaxing foot massage.

  1. You need to start with a foot massage. One hand should take the foot by the arch, and the other hand to rub it. Then you can add knuckles.
  2. When the foot warms up, it is necessary to massage each finger, rolling the skin.
  3. Further along the foot it is necessary to move in a circular motion with your thumb. You can press quite hard, if there is no pain.
  4. Then you have to go to the zone of the Achilles tendon. It is necessary to massage his thumb up and down.
  5. Then also massage the area of ​​the foot stones.
  6. Next you need to massage the foot from the foot to the knee, and from the knee to the thighs.
  7. When performing a foot massage in this area, stroking, rubbing, shaking and shaking, as well as rubbing and kneading are used.
  8. To finish the massage should knead in the hips and buttocks.
  9. It is necessary to grind and stretch them.
  10. Then add tingling over the entire surface.
  11. And at the end of the massage it is necessary to perform stroking.