How to divide a room into two zones

How to divide a room into two zonesAlas, but modern housing conditions do not always allow to allocate separate premises for different needs. Then you have to resort to the division of one room into two zones. After that, you can combine in one room the bedroom and office, kitchen and dining room. Let's see what can divide the room into two zones.
The very first option that comes to mind is a cardinal redevelopment of an apartment with an extension of a new wall. This option is very expensive, complex in itself and not always practical. His performance will take a lot of time and effort. There are several simpler, not related to cardinal changes, but quite effective ways.

How to divide a room into two zones

  1. We use stationary partitions. Here, the main thing is to choose the material of the partition. If the room has good lighting from two windows, then the partition material may be deaf. But if one of the halves becomes poorly illuminated, then the partition should be made transparent.You can build these two options, and make a small window of translucent glass in a blank partition. In this embodiment, the light will be good to fall on both zones, and the room will still get divided.How to divide a room into two zones
  2. The division of the room into zones with a mobile partition. The convenience of this option is that the partition can be folded if necessary. This is a practical option in case you still change the decision and again there will be a need for a large space of the room.
  3. Application of a screen. This is the easiest and fastest way. With the help of a screen, you can separate yourself a small corner with a reading table or a chair for rest. Screen can be purchased at the store or make yourself, with the help of rails and fabric. It is also a very mobile option.
  4. How to divide a room with furniture into two zones. This method is the most common, so you definitely will not lose. At the border, we install a rack without a back wall and force it with books, various statuettes, vases and other things. The rack will pass light well and beautifully delimits the room. Instead of shelving, you can use sofas, large tables and a bed.How to divide a room into two zones

We divide the room without extensions and furniture

You can create two zones in a room without using different furniture and extensions. The fact is that you can visually overload the space. In this case, you can simply use different wallpaper, make different levels of the ceiling or floor, use different means of lighting the room zones.

Functionality is paramountHow to divide a room into two zones

Having figured out how to partition the room into two zones, it is important to note that attention should be paid to whether each of them retains its own functions. For example, to trace the presence of sockets in the new zone, the lighting device, whether it meets all the desired requirements. Pay special attention to sound insulation. After all, after you divide the room, there should be an opportunity for everyone to quietly go about their business and not interfere with each other. In order to not miss anything important, draw a clear plan: determine what area each part will be in, with what kind of lighting, sound insulation and for what purposes. Then the result will please you!