How to identify needs?

To determine your own needs, you first have to figure out what they are like at all. Psychologists at different times tried to classify human needs, one of the most successful attempts is considered the theory of "Pyramid", formed in50-60-ies of the 20th century by the American psychologist A. Maslow.

Needs pyramid

On the lower stage of the so-called pyramid are the vital needs. These needs are born with a person. From the first minute of life there is a need to breathe, eat, drink, sleep. It is thanks to these needs that the normal functioning of the child’s body is ensured, and in fact he has no choice whether to satisfy them or not, as it is inherent in unconditioned reflexes.

After their satisfaction, a person has new needs, which consist in the pursuit of security. Thus, having received food and having slept, a person tries to find a place where he will be comfortable. Conversely, a hungry, thirsty person neglects the instinct of self-preservation in order to meet the more necessary needs.

The next step in the pyramid is the need for belonging: feeling like a part of any system, society. Then the manseeks not only to belong, but also to stand out among his own environment, to achieve respect and success in any field. This need begins to manifest itself at the age of 11–15, when a teenager, on the one hand, tries to join a group, and on the other, stands out as much as possible.

The top of the pyramid is crowned by the need for self-realization and self-actualization. That is, a person does not want justto work and benefit yourself and society, but also to do what you have the ability to do. The example of the Roman emperor Diocletian is very indicative here. At the dawn of his reign, he left the throne and took up agriculture, and all questions about the reasons for such an act, smiling, replied: "If you saw what I grew cabbage, you would not ask me."

Need or desire

Needs and desires are different in that they are often socially determined. For example, someone really wants to live in a big house. What is it? This question can only be answered by the person himself.If only in this way he can feel that he has achieved success - this is the need for respect. But strive for status housing, just because everyone wants it - it's just a desire.

The need to be able to distinguish these two concepts is explained by the psychologists' assumption that satisfying all needs at the same time can give a person a feeling of happiness, while having fulfilled another desire, you may feel disappointed, because it was not at all what you needed.

So, a way to determine your own needs:

  1. examine each of the steps of Maslow's pyramid and see what they personally mean to you;
  2. think about how you could meet your own needs;
  3. sit in a quiet place and imagine that you have already succeeded, only as realistic as possible. How do you feel? Do you feel pleasant feelings that you are ready to call happiness? In this case, it is your needs, you can start planning their implementation.