How to decorate an anniversary?

Anniversaries in our lives happen quite rarely, and not all round dates we solemnly celebrate, sometimes being content with evening gatherings in the kitchen with our closest relatives or friends. Therefore, if you decide to celebrate the anniversary in full, with a large number of guests, a solemn lunch or dinner, dancing and fireworks at the end of the event, you need to approach the organization of the festive action very responsibly. To this day for a long time to remember you and all those invited.

To create the appropriate festive atmosphere, you must take care to decorate the hall and the birthday table in advance. Do not know how to decorate the anniversary? Our advice will help you. In order for the holiday to be joyful and memorable, try not only to feed the guests tasty, but also to surprise them with the unusual decoration of the hall, beautiful table setting, banquet decoration of dishes.

How to decorate the hall for the anniversary

Banquet halls, as a rule, are already beautifully furnished by professional designers.You just need to add some zest to the interior. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, balloons. Let it not be original, but very beautiful. Balls can hang from the ceiling, be tied to the backs of chairs, or “stand” in the air on long strings secured to the floor.

You can make wonderful festoons from the balloons or numbers indicating the anniversary date. The second win-win design element is flowers. Bouquets of flowers, placed in high floor vases, will add charm to any banquet hall. In autumn, instead of flowers, you can put in vases bouquets of yellow and purple leaves, bunches of mountain ash and fir branches. The main rule in the design of the hall - all elements of the decor should be well combined with each other in color and style.

How to decorate a cake for an anniversary

It is unlikely that you dare to cook a cake for a large number of guests on their own. It is quite difficult to prepare such a cake, and decorating is an art that professional pastry chefs study more than one month. Trust in this question to specialists who will offer you a variety of design options for every taste.Traditionally, it is customary to decorate the anniversary cake with figures denoting a solemn date, a greeting inscription and flowers made of cream, although more exotic design options are quite acceptable.

How to decorate the table for the anniversary

The classic version of the table design implies the following: plain tablecloth, white or beautiful deep color; woven napkins, in tone or in a contrasting color; white porcelain tableware with a small pattern; steel or silver cutlery and glasses made of transparent colorless glass. You can decorate the table with small wide bouquets of flowers in low vases and candles located in the center of the table. Napkins can be folded with a cone, fan, or pulled with decorative special rings, next to each device you can put a beautiful card with the name of the guest.