How to decorate a playground?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
September 8, 2014
How to decorate a playground?

Playground - an important attribute of the summer cottage and kindergarten. Since there children spend most of the day, it is necessary to treat its design with fantasy. We offer a few ideas on how to decorate a playground.

In developing the design of the playground, you should remember about the main elements that should be present on it.Sandbox


You can arrange the sandbox in the form of a ship. On opposite sides of an ordinary quadrangular sandbox it is necessary to fix two long rungs. Between them should pull the rope. A long cloth of fabric must be laid on top of the rope, and the ends of the fabric must be tied to the corners of the sandbox. Choose a bright fabric for this, paint the base of the sandbox with rich colors. Get a kind of boat.Swing


In addition to the standard swing, you can install the swing, made of tires. Instead of the standard chair, it is necessary to attach a tire on which children will swing.The tire can be painted with colorful paints: make a rainbow, for example, or revive it by painting the eyes, nose and mouth.



Kindergarten playground can be decorated with interesting benches. Along with the simple, you can install the benches, completely made of wood. To do this, cut a quarter of a long log and dig it a little into the ground - in this way you need to arrange a few pieces in a row, and you get a bench. On this bench, you can draw several seats of different colors, so that each child chooses a seat to his liking.

Sports area

You can think out and sports tracks for older children.PlaygroundFor example, put them in circles of wood. Do not forget that the sports area should attract the attention of children, so it also needs to add bright colors: paint the tires in different colors, and on wooden circles draw various smilies.

Green Zone

The area set aside for green spaces (trees and flowers) can be decorated with figures made from tires, wood, or scrap materials, such as empty bottles.PlaygroundFrom empty bottles you can make fairytale heroes or original animals.If you make animals, then you need to decorate them accordingly. You can make and fabulous animals, inventing with their children coloring. Also around the sandbox and sports equipment you can plant colorful flowers.

When creating original facilities on the playground, it is always necessary to remember about safety precautions and not to install on the court what may cause injury to children.