How to dance tectonics?

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How to dance tectonics?

Tectonics - what is it: dance, music or a trade brand? Tectonics turned into a whole movement, a trend in fashion. Therefore, those who want to know how to dance Tectonics, must join a certain Tectonics culture, match the style of clothing.

What is Tectonic

In fact, Tectonics is a type of modern dance. A lot of activity falls on the hands, and in general Tectonic combines such dance styles as Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Liquid-Pop, Poping-Waving, C-Walk, Vogging, Tutting and others. Dancers, borrowing various elements of dance from these areas, create something of their own, unique and inimitable direction - Tectonics.

Modern youths dance Tectonics everywhere: in clubs, on the street, and at home, because everyone can learn to dance Tectonics at home: Tectonics video lessons have flooded the entire Internet! Such a fiery dance, virtuoso movements of young people and girls, specific music will not leave indifferent any passer-by. Take a look at the video, which huge crowds surround the Tectonics dancers on the streets of major cities!

History of Tectonics

Where does popular tectonic dance come from: Belgium or France? In fact, it was Belgium that gave impetus to the creation of a new direction. At the very beginning of the 21st century, the clubs of Belgium included the music of Hardtech, Hardtrance and Euro Dance, and danced to it in the style of Jumpstyle, jumping and alternately moving one or the other foot to the beat of the bass. In France, at the same time, the club "Metropolis" held parties "Tecktonik Killer", where young people, seeking to differ from the masses, actively played their hands to the rhythms of electronic music and imitated the concept of dance of the Belgian clubs.

How to learn about Tectonics

Tectonics was widely distributed in 2007, when videos from the "Paris Techno Parade" festival were transmitted with lightning speed via YouTube and other video sharing services. Fans of Tectonics has become a great multitude throughout the world.

In 2006, Tectonics became a real trademark, the compilation "Tecktonik Killer" appeared. Symbols Tectonics appears on a wide range of products: energy drink, T-shirts, caps, laces and jackets. Not all dancers liked this, which is why they began to perform not just in clubs, but on the streets of cities. Now the press is also actively interested in the movement of Tectonics.

Appearance: how to dance tectonics in public

If you want to know how to learn to dance tectonics, then you should not neglect the typical style of clothing of dancers. After all, Tectonics is a direction of dance with its own special culture, which is also reflected in appearance. As a rule, young people who dance Tektonik wear narrowed jeans - trousers, tight-fitting short T-shirt with a pattern (it can be a Tectonics emblem) and basketball sneakers. Tectonics dancers often wear wristbands, a white belt, or bright leggings on their hands as accessories.

If the dancers of the first generation of Tectonics, who obviously wanted to be different from others and shock, wore white gloves and a nipple in their mouths, now everything has changed. In our time, this is a more democratic style of clothing. Those who dance tectonics wear what they themselves want: they can act in shorts and overalls, but at least with a naked torso.

How to dance tectonics at home

Of course, to learn to dance Tectonics professionally and as soon as possible, you can go to a dance school. But the vast majority are learning to dance Tectonics at home through video tutorials posted on the net.

First, to understand how to dance Tectonics, you need to learn how to feel the rhythm of the music. Believe me, any complex combination of movements can be learned, but not everyone can repeat all this in time with the music. Secondly, it is constant training. They will help to develop musicality over time.

  • See with us how to learn to dance Tectonics - a video with a lesson shows the dancer's slow movements that you will have time to repeat.
  • Learn from the experience of dancers, try to repeat after them.
  • Listen to more different music and persevere.
  • Tap the rhythm of the music you hear.
  • You will understand how to dance tectonics not only through video, but also by watching yourself in the mirrors. Be sure to dance in front of the mirror, correct mistakes and watch your movements.
  • Learning to dance Tectonics at home is real! Improvise more. Having learned a few movements for the dancer from the training video, repeat them under your composition. Thus, you will be cool to dance Tectonics not only at home, but also in clubs with completely different electronic music!
  • Never despair! Most of the professionals you see in the video, how to dance tectonics, began to study dance movements themselves, that is, in fact, they were self-taught.