How to cut potatoes?

Potatoes are an indispensable ingredient for many recipes, but can also be prepared as a completely independent dish. However, you first need to prepare the potatoes properly, that is, cut.

There are many different ways to cut potatoes. Any hostess has her own secrets, but you should be familiar with the rules that are the same for everyone. First you need to decide on the dish that you want to cook, and then choose special kitchen tools for potato slicing.

Depending on the culinary recipe, potatoes can be cut in different ways, and a special skill is simply needed. But if at first you get ugly, then you should not be upset: with experience, you can skillfully and quickly handle it.

Choose a form

  • For first courses, potatoes are cut into small pieces (about 3 cm), and for baking or stews, it is better to make the size larger (5 cm). Potatoes are first cut in halves, and then each of them is crushed.
  • Many young housewives are interested in how to cut potatoes for frying to avoid burning.This is done very simply: you need to cut the potatoes into medium slices (the average potato is cut to a radius of up to 6 pieces).
  • In vinaigrette and other salads put boiled potatoes, which is crushed into slices or cubes.
  • For vegetable soups or soups from croup, it is better to cut the tuber into 2 cm cubes. The potato is divided into equal parts, and then each of them should be processed with a knife along and across.
  • To make a delicious side dish that fits any dish, you need to know how to cut potatoes into strips. Potatoes are cut into shares, and then each share is divided into small "sticks".
  • Meats fit a special method of cutting balls, called "chateau". The diameter is set up to 3 cm and is therefore ideal for roasting. Balls of medium size (2 cm.).
  • To raw fish fish shape barrels. They are boiled and served.

If you are too lazy to manually engage in cutting potatoes, you can select and purchase special tools and kitchen tools for cutting. With their help, you will not only save a lot of time, but also be able to achieve beautifully shaped pieces without effort.


  • Slicer machine.The name immediately becomes clear: with the help of this tool, the problem of how to cut potatoes into identical slices disappears by itself. Slicer will help you out with other products. It is very convenient if you need to cook something quickly. This device usually consists of a knife made of steel with serrated edges. Corrosion-proof material provides the longest use in the economy.
  • A very popular product is a device for cutting French fries. You can at any time cook your favorite dish, almost without expending strength. This tool is equipped with two sharp knives, the lattice size of which is different and adjustable.
  • Also now on sale are many copies of kitchen appliances that can cut spirals, make various notches. And special corrugated knives will quickly give the pieces the desired figure shape.