How to cure thrush folk methods

As a treatment, special antibiotics are usually prescribed, but not all of them can be used, and this is completely prohibited during pregnancy. To start the disease should not be, as this can lead to complications. There are several popular ways of getting rid of thrush, but they can only be used if the diagnosis has already been confirmed and there are no other diseases, because there are many diseases similar to thrush.


Douching with various herbal preparations helps very well. For example, from chamomile, oak bark, nettle. All this needs to be mixed and about two tablespoons of the mixture pour a liter of hot water, boil and strain. Then the solution is cooled and douching can be done, the procedure is done for no more than 5 days, otherwise dysbacteriosis may appear, as well as beneficial bacteria are removed along with excess fungi.


Another good way of douching is a teaspoon of soda in a glass of water.Also, to restore the microflora of the vagina, a tampon soaked in yogurt can be inserted at night. Still helping douching tincture of calendula, for this a tablespoon of calendula need to pour 100 milliliters of alcohol. Then dissolve a teaspoon of such tincture in a glass of water and carry out the procedure.


In order to strengthen the body, you need to drink carrot and berry juices. You can take vitamin complexes, drink yogurt with dietary supplements. Tea is better to drink green or with mint. At the time of treatment of thrush it is better to exclude from the diet sweet and fruit, since fructose and sugar contribute to the growth of bacteria.