How to cure the lower back?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
January 24, 2015
How to cure the lower back?

Severe back pain is a fairly common problem. You can read about this problem in the article Why the backache hurts. And, of course, the first question that arises is how to cure the lower back.

We treat the lower back with compresses

Very effective in treating lower back compresses.

Horseradish compress

Horseradish root must be grated, add three potatoes in the "uniform" and mix. Mass should be laid out on the fabric and attach to the waist. Compress close film and wrap a warm scarf. Leave a compress is necessary for the night.

Compress with salt

In a liter of boiling water, it is necessary to dissolve 100 g of salt, wet the cloth in the solution and apply it to the lower back. Then bandage with a scarf and leave overnight.

Burdock compress

A leaf of fresh burdock must be tied to the waist and leave for a few hours. Leaf must be periodically changed to fresh.


Useful for back pain and rubbing.

Rubbing honey

The loin should be well rubbed with honey, massaged and tied with a scarf.You need to repeat the procedure several times.

Rubbing oil

Mix in equal proportions mint leaves, aspen bark, birch buds and chamomile. Then five tablespoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water and boil for five minutes. Next, add the vegetable and butter 100 g. When the mixture has cooled, it is necessary to rub her back. This should be done for five minutes several times a day.