How to create an account on Android (Android)?

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How to create an account on Android (Android)?

New users of devices on Android are often asked about how to create an account on Android. Despite the apparent complexity, in fact, the procedure for setting up the device is very simple. Talk about how to set up an account on Android.

Account Creation Stages

To create a Google account on Android, first you need to go to the application menu, select "Settings", "Accounts" and the Google application. In the menu that appears, select "Add account" and click on the "Create" pointer.

Then you need to fill in the empty fields that appear, specifying the data requested by the service: first name, last name, name for the Gmail mailbox, password for the account. For insurance in case of data loss, it is necessary to choose a safety �secret� question and enter the answer to it. The secret question will help restore your account on Android in case of an unexpected loss of a password or a change of Android.

To make an account on Android, then you need to check the authentication.To do this, enter the captcha in the appropriate field - a code of numbers and letters. After that, a series of proposals from Google will follow - joining the community, subscribing to news, etc. The user is asked to accept or reject the offers.

You can set up multiple accounts for one Android and, if necessary, change your account. To do this, in the "Settings Menu" you need to find account settings and synchronization. Here you can not only add new accounts, but also, if you wish, delete an unnecessary account.

How to set up the Play Market?

Play Market - one of the best Google services, which contains numerous applications and programs. To use all its features, you must create an account in the android market. To this end, you need to go through all the above steps to create an account, authenticate and go to the Play Market tab.

  1. In the case of the first registration before you set up an account on Android, you must accept the user conditions.
  2. Then you need to select categories of applications for download, run the search command.
  3. When the desired product is found, you must click the button "Install", "Accept".
  4. After successful download, the shortcut of the installed application will appear on the desktop.