How to create a website on ru?

Before you begin to figure out how to create a site on ru, you should determine what ru is and how the site is given a name. Each site should have its own unique name, by which netizens can find it, being located anywhere in the world just by typing this name in a search engine. Moreover, this unique name includes not only the name itself (for example, moy-sait) but also the domain zone: ru, com, ua, tv, etc. Resources and are two completely different resources. And in order to create a site with a ru domain, you simply choose this extension when registering your name. It does not matter which hosting provider you choose in the future, you can use the registered name of your site with the domain ru as long as you pay an annual subscription fee for registering the name.

Ways to create a site

The easiest way to get a quality website that meets all your requirements is to order the work of a specialist. However, the easiest way in this case is the most expensive. You can also independently understand the finished CMS (content management system), with the help of which sites of any orientation are created, moreover, to a persona resource developer does not even need to know the basics of web programming. However, this method requires time-consuming, in order to use the CMS you need to spend a lot of your own time.

For beginners, it is better to start independent work with CMS "WordPress" or "Joomla". They are intuitive and in addition, many lessons and support forums for beginners can be found online.

After the site is ready, you should register the domain name and place it on the hosting.

And one more way to create a fully-fledged independent resource is to use the site builder, which practically any hosting provider now offers. You can register your resource created with the help of a designer in any zone, including, and create a site on ru. However, the site builder has some drawbacks, the main ones being the standard design and the third-level domain name. Such sites can be used as a personal page, but as a business card of a company, such a resource will not look too good.

How to create a website for free

If you are looking for opportunities how to create a website for free at ru, then it is worth considering the most popular resources for this purpose: or.

If you stopped at uCoz, then simply create on the resource and create your own website. You just have to follow clear instructions, in addition, there are many design options offered and you can post your own advertising on the site.

The second most popular server for creating a free website. Register on the resource and also create your own website. The advantage of this option is that all �popular� resources are perfectly indexed by Yandex search robots.

Choosing similar options to create a website for free, domain ru, just specify when defining the name of your new resource. However, it should be borne in mind that by creating a free Internet resource, you will not be able to earn in such popular ways as selling links, affiliate programs, contextual advertising, etc. You simply refuse to register on specialized exchanges.

In addition, the disadvantages of free sites are too long domain name and limited design possibilities. But such a decision will help you to understand what is your own website, how to handle it and how to make it attractive to visitors.