How to create a diary?

Every person at least once in his life wanted to share his thoughts, emotions, ideas. The best way to implement this idea in the infinite space of the Internet will help create something universal, accessible to many. Such an idea how to create a diary on the Internet (or a blog diary on the network) may have almost every user of the global network. In principle, it is not particularly important what goals are pursued, because creating your diary, in almost any scenario, will always be superfluous. There are quite a few services to provide blogs, so we will select among them a couple of fundamentally different options. For this you need a computer and internet access. Consider several options for how to create a diary.

Option One

One of the oldest and most well-known online diary services is the system, the well-known “LiveJournal”, about which in our time, probably, only the very lazy have not heard. On how to create a diary here, you can say - everything is extremely simple.

Immediately go to the address (or. Ru), in the top menu, select the item "Create account".Then we fill out a small user form, invent a login (namely, the name of the user with whom you will create records and write comments), then the mailbox, password, your personal data and, as a result, click the “Create account” button. In the event that everything is in order, then a confirmation email will be sent to the post office, after which you can proceed to the settings of your wonderful journal. In further settings, you will need to come up with a name for the journal of records, define its exterior interior (there is a huge list of ready-made themes for registration, select any), filling in the information page about yourself, select an avatar (here it is called a userpic). In general, everything. Start filling the magazine, share your thoughts, add interesting magazines to the feed of your friends, etc.

Option Two

A completely different way to create an electronic diary on the Internet is to launch it yourself, without using networks like a livejournal or blogspot. This way, rather, will appeal to web enthusiasts who have the ability to buy a domain and order hosting themselves. This is necessary, but you will not need to create a new site.Most modern hosting companies offer users a number of installed CMS programs for free, among which the most common ones are Joomla and Wordpress. Namely, we need Wordpress.

Go to the control panel of your hosting, go to the section with software (or CMS) and install Wordpress as the main CMS engine (this process takes just one click, and the installation takes just a minute and passes completely automatically). That's done. We go to the site, set the administrator login with a password, select the theme of the design in Wordpress itself (there are thousands of free and very nice themes), add additional modules, remove the unnecessary, in a word - make your blog the way you want it. After the above, you can begin to fill it. The advantage of this option is the almost unlimited possibilities of extensions and individual settings, plus - you are your own boss of your blog on the Internet, the administrator and the creator - all in one person.