How to create a color profile

The color profile is installed in the Color folder. To open it, from the "Desktop" click on the icon of the component "My Computer" and go to the disk with the Windows system files. By default, the operating system is installed on drive C, but the user can select another drive to install.
In the system root directory, select the System32 folder, in it open the folders Spool, Drivers, Color. Select the color profile you want to install. Click on its icon with the right mouse button, in the drop-down menu select the command “Set profile”. After that, the color of the file icon changes from gray to white. New color characteristics will be transmitted to the color management system.
To set a color profile for a monitor, log in as an Administrator account. Open the screen component. To do this, click in any empty space on the “Desktop” with the right mouse button, select “Properties” in the drop-down menu.Or via the “Start” menu, invoke the “Control Panel”, in the “Appearance and Themes” category, click on the “Display” icon with the left mouse button.
In the "Properties: Screen" window that opens, go to the "Settings" tab and click on the "Advanced" button - the additional window "Properties: Monitor connection module and [name of your video card]" will open. Go to the Color Management tab and click on the Add button.
In the Add Profile Mapping window, select the desired color profile from the list provided and click the Add button. Click the "Apply" button in the properties window and close the window by clicking the OK button or the X icon in the upper right corner of the window.
The color profile for the printer is set in the same way, but instead of the “Screen” component you need to call the properties window of your printer. To do this, open the Printers and Faxes folder, right-click on the printer icon, and select Properties in the drop-down menu. In the dialog box that opens, go to the Color Management tab and repeat the steps described in the previous step.