How to cook Peking duck?

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How to cook Peking duck?

For many people, Chinese cuisine is associated with Peking duck. The recipe of the dish was created in the days of the Ming dynasty, around the fourteenth century BC. Of course, over the years it has changed, and now every restaurant has its own secrets how to cook Peking duck, while maintaining the unique taste properties of this dish.

Peking Duck - Recipe number 1

In a traditional Chinese recipe, a duck must be prepared in advance for as much as seventy-five days. First I choose a duckling, fatten it with a special mixture until the bird gains a delicate weight, then they cut it and begin to prepare it for serving on the table. Of course, under these conditions, this dish would be very few people available, because many cooks are limited only by the process of proper preparation of poultry for baking.

Approximately one day before serving, the duck is doused with boiling water, while it should be held vertically.It is best to hang the bird, because if you just hold her head, you can scald your hands. It is necessary to ensure that the skin duck turned white. When the water is drained, the duck is rubbed with white Chinese wine on the outside and inside, and ordinary sherry can be used. Then the bird is placed on the bottle (so that it is still in an upright position) and removed in the cold, for 12 hours. It is not necessary to cover it with anything, but you need to remember to place a deep plate under the bird, as blood will flow out of it. After twelve hours, the bird is smeared with a thin layer of honey (approximately two tablespoons is consumed) and again placed on the cold in an upright position and again for twelve hours. In general, the vertical position of the bird during the preparatory stage is a very important point in the recipe of how to cook Peking duck.

After the bird has insisted, it is rubbed with spices and fried in a special oven over an open fire. Of course, at home it is difficult to organize a fire in order to get a real Peking duck, video recipes and master classes by famous chefs are often advised to use the grill.

Peking Duck - Recipe number 2

The duck should be washed thoroughly and scalded twice with boiling water, then mixed soy sauce, honey, sesame oil (honey - one tablespoon, sesame oil - one tablespoon, soy sauce - three tablespoons) and the resulting sauce is rubbed on the bird and left for about an hour . Then the rest of the sauce is diluted with water, the birds are poured into the abdominal cavity and sewn up carefully. When the oven is warmed to 220 � C, the duck is placed on the wire rack, and a baking tray is put down into which to pour a little water. One and a half hours the bird is baked at a temperature of 220 degrees, then the temperature is reduced to 190 degrees until the juice flowing from the bird becomes completely transparent. The finished duck becomes dark golden, almost brown. They serve the bird, cut into portions, with plum sauce and green onion feathers.

This is a more simple and home-adapted way of cooking such a delicacy as a Peking duck in the oven. But, despite the simplicity and affordability of the recipe, the taste of the bird is very similar to the legendary Peking duck, cooked according to all the rules.