How to cook pea puree?

Peas have long been grown in Russia. From it you can make a wonderful pea puree, not only tasty, but also very healthy.

What are the beneficial properties of peas?

  • In peas a lot of protein. In him it is almost as much as in beef. However, it is absorbed by the body much easier.
  • The presence of trace elements in it, carbohydrates makes it very useful.
  • Peas contain vitamins, salts of potassium, manganese, iron. It is not by chance that peas are recommended in clinical nutrition, especially for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Thus, pea dishes must be in the menu of a person.

The most popular is pea puree. Properly cooked, it is tender, tasty, satisfying. Mashed potatoes are perfect for meat, fish and vegetables.

How to cook pea puree? We offer a recipe for which it is very easy to cook pea puree.

Pea Puree Recipe

First, peas must be sorted, rinsed well, pour water at room temperature and leave for two hours.If the peas are soaked in water for several hours - this is even better. You can even fill it with water at night, and in the morning to cook mashed potatoes.

Then put the peas to boil on a strong fire until boiling. As soon as the water boils, it is necessary to reduce the heat to a minimum. The pea puree turns out to be wonderful, which “languishes” for 2-3 hours over low heat.

Secrets of cooking pea puree:

  • Water should always cover the peas, do not need to pour more water. As soon as the water is absorbed into the peas - pour a little more. And so do throughout the cooking.
  • Puree must be constantly stirring, otherwise it will just burn.
  • Do not miss the boiling period. Remember that peas "runs away" like milk. Therefore, water can fill the hob, which is fraught with trouble. Do not forget to remove foam in time. Peas require constant attention.
  • Peas cooked for a long time. The slower the fire and the longer the puree cooks, the tastier it is. No wonder in ancient times mashed potatoes cooked in ovens, leaving for the night in a heated oven.
  • The finished puree should be liquid, like thick sour cream. Let it cool, it will thicken after a while.

This is the recipe for pea puree. And then it all depends on the imagination.After all, mashed potatoes can be with a variety of ingredients.

Pea Puree Options

  • You can add fried onions and carrots in puree.
  • Perfectly combines peas with greens, so dill, parsley will make it even more fragrant.
  • Good pea porridge with sunflower oil. By the way, this dish is perfect for the menu during the post.
  • Perfectly combines pea puree with corn porridge. If you put mashed potatoes and porridge in layers, top with ham and greens, the dish will charm you with its exquisite taste.
  • Roasted mushrooms also go well with pea puree.

The slow cooker is often used for fast cooking. You can cook it and pea puree. How to cook pea puree in a slow cooker?

Recipe for pea puree in a slow cooker

  1. Prepare the peas in the same way as described above (sort, dunk).
  2. Place the peas in a slow cooker at the rate of 1 cup of peas in 2 glasses of water.
  3. Turn on the mode "Quenching". Mashed potatoes will be ready in about two to two and a half hours. It is this time you need to mark on the display.
  4. After the time, salt is added to taste, spices, and spices - and again put stew for 15 minutes.
  5. When the mash is ready, season it to taste.

Unfortunately, the pea has some contraindications. It is not recommended to be eaten by people suffering from nephritis, having a blood circulation disorder and with gout. Do not often give mashed potatoes to children, as there may be difficulties with the chair.

But basically, it is safe to include in the menu once or twice a week, which will allow you to eat tasty, healthy.