How to cook chops?

What could be more delicious than a chop? Only juicy and tender chop. Every housewife should know how to cook chops, because few people will refuse a tasty cooked chop. This dish, both in a simple version, and when using special recipes, is perfect for the holiday table, and even for an ordinary dinner.

Tips: How to Make Delicious Chops

  • In many ways, the quality of your chops will depend on the quality of the meat. It is better to take young meat (veal, chicken, young piglet). The meat should be without veins and bones, and always fresh.
  • Correct slicing: cutting the meat is necessary across the fibers, the thickness of the piece is 1-1.5 cm.
  • It is necessary to beat the meat from two sides, while it is better to wrap it with cling film (not tightly). In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it (especially with chicken meat), the meat should be well beaten off, but not to the state when it crumbles.
  • Fry chops should be on a well-heated pan with a sufficient amount of oil, so the crust on the meat will quickly form, which will keep your chops juicy and tender.
  • Moreover, breading or batter (crackers, flour, eggs, or a combination of them, you can even use the dough) will help make the chops juicy.
  • The time of roasting meat takes 2-3 minutes on each side, during which time a ruddy crust should form. If during this time your chop inside remains damp, then fry it in a closed frying pan over low heat until cooked, or you can bring it to readiness in the oven. The recipe for cooking chops in the oven will be given at the end of the article.
  • Salt chops should be only at the end of frying, or after the formation of a crust.
  • Marinated chops have a special juiciness and piquancy. In this case, use any version of the marinade, which one you like best, marinade from lemon juice or mayonnaise is perfect. Marinate meat for at least two hours. And then fry in breading.

Recipes: How to Make Beef Chops

  • Chops in breadcrumbs. We mix breadcrumbs with spices, first we beat the broken pieces of meat into pre-whipped (slightly) and salted eggs, then dip the piece evenly in breadcrumbs, and fry. You can do without eggs, but with them it will turn out juicier.
  • Chops in eggs.Broken pieces of meat dipped in flour, then in eggs, and fry. Various spices can be added to the flour.
  • Chops with pineapple. We take the first or second recipe as a basis, however, after roasting one side and turning it over, spread a small layer of mayonnaise on the fried side, then pineapple slices, and sprinkle with grated cheese. After that, cover the pan with a lid and fry for 3-5 minutes, until cooked, or until the cheese is melted. Mayonnaise can be replaced with your favorite sauce.
  • Perfectly made chops with mushrooms. To do this, you must first fry the mushrooms with onions, or stew in sour cream. Then, using the first or second recipe, cook the chops, and spread mushrooms on the already toasted side, and sprinkle with grated cheese, fry under the lid until ready.

Ask how to cook pork chops? Cooking pork chops, just like chicken, is no different from cooking beef chops, except that the dish of pork is fatter.

And now we will tell how to cook chops in the oven, or rather, how to bring them to the readiness in the oven, and spice up your dish.After you have fried the chops in a pan, until golden brown crust is formed. We shift our chops to a baking sheet, grease them with mayonnaise on the upper side, spread tomatoes and onions into slices, sprinkle them with grated cheese, and bake for 5-10 minutes, at medium temperatures. In addition to bringing to readiness, chops can be cooked in the oven, while this method of cooking is more useful than frying in a pan. If the chops do not pre-fry in the pan, the cooking time will increase by 15-20 minutes.

Now you know how to cook chops, and that to prepare this dish you will need a lot of imagination, as the choice of recipes is not limited, and each housewife modifies the recipes at their discretion and taste.