How to convert files?

File conversion means the conversion of any data from one format to another. This process occurs, as a rule, with preservation of the main logical and structural contents of information. The conversion process can be as with files (i.e. when the file is converted to a file), or on the fly (conversion occurs when exporting / importing data, or when using converters). Immediately thought about how to convert files, so let's look at what this process is fraught with.

Conversion problems

When converting data you may have some difficulties or problems such as loss of information. But there are conversions without loss. As a rule, this may be due to the extensiveness of a particular data format. As an example, you can cite the following: when converting data from the “plain text” format to “OpenDocument Text”, there is almost always no information loss. And all because the format "OpenDocument Text" includes even more features than "plain text". And vice versa, when converting from the “OpenDocument Text” format to the simplest text format, there will be a loss of information,Text formatting is mostly lost (italics, font, tables can be lost, etc.).

Conversion software

Let's consider with the help of which programs conversion is possible, and for which formats.

For texts:

  • LaTeX2RTF - this program is designed to convert data from LaTeX format to RTF format
  • LaTeX2HTML - a program that allows you to convert data from LaTeX format to HTML format

For images:

  • dcraw is a program with which you can convert files from RAW format to TIFF and PPM formats.
  • ImageMagick - this program is designed for batch processing of graphic data
  • XnConvert this utility is designed for batch processing of graphic data, as well as for converting graphic information from one format to another

For sound files:

  • LAME - with this application you can encode audio in MP3 format
  • OggConvert - this application converts media files to open formats.

It should be noted that in many programs for editing audio data converters are already built in. One of these programs is Audacity.

To convert video files, there is a program called VirtualDub. This program is considered a free application for converting video files.

There are also universal programs for data conversion.

  • FormatFactory - is a free video, audio, and graphic file converter.
  • Any Video Converter - this program is also an envelope for video and audio files, it is available in both paid and free versions.

Now you know what conversion is and you can convert files yourself, and even choose which format to convert certain data to.