How to connect unlimited on MTS?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 26, 2014
How to connect unlimited on MTS?

MTS provides its subscribers not only with the opportunity to use mobile communication, but also to have access to the Internet. The article will look in detail at how to connect unlimited to MTS and what service packages exist.

Package selection

The company "MTS" presented several Internet packages: "BIT", "SuperBIT", "Unlimited packages" Mini, Super, Maxi, VIP, per day.


This service allows you to use the Internet, regardless of where in the country you are. You also get 3 GB per month, and the subscription fee is 350 rubles per month.

You can activate this service in several ways:

  • through the site. You need to log into your account via;
  • calling the number * 628 # or * 111 * 628 * 1 #;
  • by sending an SMS to number 628 with the text 111.

If you want to disable the service, you must:

  • dial the number * 111 * 628 * 2 # call;
  • send SMS to number 6280 with the text 111;
  • use the "Internet Assistant".


The distribution of the BIT service is limited to Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Service activation is also possible in several ways:

  • through the "Internet Assistant";
  • call to * 252 # or * 111 * 252 * 1 #;
  • SMS message to 252 with the text 111.

Service disconnection:

  • * 111 * 252 * 2 # call;
  • SMS to number 2520 with the text 111;
  • through the "Internet Assistant".

Connection of these services is paid, the amount equal to the monthly payment is charged. Disconnection is free.

"Unlimited packages" Mini, Super, Maxi, VIP, per day

These packages differ from each other in the cost of payment, the volume of Internet traffic. Each package has its own goals:

  • Mini - for subscribers who like to save;
  • Maxi - for those who are always online.
  • Super - for those who like to download a lot.
  • Vip - for those who do not recognize the restrictions.
  • On the day - for those who go to the network irregularly.

For example, if you want to activate the service “Unlimited per day”, then 30 rubles will be charged from your account per day, and the traffic volume will be 250 MB.

To activate one of the services, you must leave a request on the website or call +7 (495) 997-07-02.