How to connect channels "Tricolor TV"?

December 19, 2014
How to connect channels "Tricolor TV"?

Many people today install satellite television, especially if they have no other option. However, installing and setting up satellite television is not as easy as it seems, and problems may arise.

Let us consider in more detail how to connect the channels "Tricolor TV" independently.

How to install channels "Tricolor TV": instructions

After you connected the satellite dish to the Tricolor receiver and the receiver to the TV, the time has come to tune the Tricolor TV channels.

Launch the automatic step-by-step tricolor setting. After it is completed, you will have about 30 common channels, but there are a lot more of them, and now you need to configure them manually.

To set up manually, go through the path "Menu - Settings - Manual search." Then we change certain parameters as below:

  • Frequency: 12226, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 27500. We start the search;
  • Frequency: 11727, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 27500.In the additional settings, we indicate the item “Skip coded”;
  • Frequency: 12303; Polarization: Right (R); Flow Rate: 27500;
  • Frequency: 12174, polarization: Left (L), flow rate: 04340.

Thus, you will find most of the Tricolor TV channels that did not show up during the automatic search.