How to connect Thanks from Sberbank?

Sberbank offers its users an excellent service called: “Thank you from Sberbank”. This service allows all Sberbank cardholders to receive bonus points for purchases that can be exchanged in the future for real money or bonuses from stores. Consider how to connect "Thank you from Sberbank" and why this bonus program is needed.

More about the service "Thank you from Sberbank"

If you activate the bonus program, for each purchase paid with a Sberbank card, you will be credited with an account from 0.5 to 1.5% of the value of purchases in the so-called “Thank you” points. One point of the program “Thank you” is one ruble. The participant of the program gets the following opportunities:

  1. You can redeem your points to make a particular purchase. For example, if you have 100 points in the “Thank you” program, you are entitled to exchange them for 100 rubles when making a purchase. Thus, the purchase of 500 rubles will cost 400 rubles.
  2. The program participant who connected to the bonus system will also have the opportunity to participate in various contests from Sberbank.The prize may be the possibility of obtaining a loan on favorable terms or cash bonuses.
  3. It is also possible to get big discounts when shopping in stores that are partners of Sberbank.

How to activate the service "Thank you from Sberbank"

To activate the service, there is a mandatory requirement - having your own savings card of the bank. You can issue a card at any branch of the bank during working hours. However, in order to activate the “Thank you from Sberbank” bonuses, you first need to register in the bonus program.

You can connect to the option in three ways. Further we will consider each of them in detail.

Connect using the nearest ATM or info-terminal.

To do this, you will need to use a Sberbank card at the nearest ATM of your city or terminal. You need to enter your personal PIN code, enter the "Main Menu" and click on the "Bonus Program" button. You will see a window in which you need to enter your mobile phone number. Then follow the step-by-step instructions of the terminal / ATM. Be sure to read the rules and further confirm your consent.In a short time, your phone will come with an SMS with a password. With it, you can contact the contact center if the need arises.

Connection options through the system "Sberbank Online".

To do this, log in, enter the username and password. Open the option "My bonuses" in the personal menu. Enter your personal phone number. In response, you will receive a password in the SMS message. We also recommend that you read the article How to connect Sberbank Online.

Connect using Mobile Bank.

Send a message like "Thank you (the last four digits of your card number)" to number 900. After that, you will receive a message with a code of 6 characters and the rules for participation in this program. If you lose your password, you can quickly find it using the self-service terminal. The password cannot be reported to unauthorized persons and is best recorded.